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Sly Mongoose my new Barbados alter ego

I’m a Sly Mongoose… who are you? Sly Mongoose my new Barbados alter ego.

No, I haven’t killed off Bandanaman, it’s just that Nicole and her Coconut Court Beach Hotel crew have a special way of welcoming guests.

This is a new name: The Mongoose

Each of their rooms (mine’s has a Caribbean view, please do not hate me, it is the Bacchanal) carries a fun name.

Lord of the blings: With the Soca crew

My RTÉ colleague on this Barbados Celtic Festival week Luke is Jammin’!

While I didn’t have the heart or courage to ask any of the females in our party if they’re Sugar Bum Bum!

Easy in their skins

Dance away: Learnin’ me moves

Bajans have an easy, fun approach to their identity, the men naturally rock sunny island loose, practical and colourful clothing.

While when the party is on, many like to bling up and wukk up (that’s where twerking came from).

Bajan women too have a healthy attitude to body image.

Proud Bajan Rihanna, naturally, is the subject du jour when we break bread (chicken wings actually) and drink rum punch at Jake’s.

She is full with child and we are hoping, of course, that this is the week she brings the mini-Fenty into the world.

The Wee-Wee RiRi

Larger than life: Rihanna

Rihanna’s image is all over the island, from the drape in the airport to posters of her with her merch.

And she is a hella Umbrella wonderful ambassador for Barbados and for women in general, celebrating all her contours.

Bajans are comfortable in their own skins which I learned straight off in the first of my now three trips to Barbados.

When our dance instructor shook off our jet lag by putting us through our paces ahead of the Crop Over carnival.

And she put the Dancing Dad in the group (that’ll be me) at ease by reassuring me that all dance is in the bum.

It has gone on to be my signature move!

Start de jumpin’

Lady Wukk: Crop Over

There will be jumpin’ and chippin’ (that’s dancing) all fuelled by limin’ (that’s pre-drinks, a national pastime) this week.

And I hope a rum shop too.

So join me, your Sly Mongoose, my new alter ego.

But don’t worry I’ve not retired Bandanaman.

It’s just you can wear many hats (or cloths) on Rihanna’s island.

I think she’d be proud of me… and I dare say she’ll tell me when she invites me along to her baby shower.



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