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Gym today in Sardinia

It’s a quantum leap from our PE teacher Hessie tripping the lad sprinting to the pit… to gym today in Sardinia.

But it’s a jump I want to take because nightmare PE memories, a thing for Fiftysomethings, is so 1972.

Gym today is fun and even something kids want to do on holiday.

Particularly if they’re going to be under the tutelage of an Olympic gymnast champion.

Lord of the Rings

Ring master: Jury Chechi

Jury Chechi will forever be the Lord of the Rings from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

And he will be on hand this Autumn season at the 7Pines Resort Sardinia for the launch of a first sports academy.

Jury will host the calisthenics academy from the 6th to 14th September.

And the resort is looking forward to hosting a range of diverse sports academies next year.

For all you gym bunnies, 7Pines Resort Sardinia features a fully equipped gym.

With floor to ceiling windows, with views overlooking the resort’s main swimming pool area.

Guests can also choose from indoor and outdoor yoga classes.

Off on our adventures

Lie back and think… Of Italy


The adventures don’t stop there with horseback riding through the scenic Costa Smeralda region.

Then there’s picturesque e-bike guided hikes along scenic trails and an exclusive helicopter flight along the coastline.

The choppers I’ve enjoyed above Barcelona and the Grand Canyon, and it’s always better when somebody else is at the wheel.

That somebody at home is The Scary One which is why I’ve sought out driving opportunities abroad.

Only for the company running Fiat 500 trips around the Cote D’Azur put the brakes on me taking one out.

It’s a thing in the Med and 7Pines have one too, a super-car tour in a Ferrari 488 Spider.

While there’s a vintage sailing trip through the turquoise water of La Maddalena archipelago too.

Water joy

Dip your toe in: A water world

The resort’s idyllic seafront location also makes it the perfect place for watersports.

Guests can choose from a snorkelling adventure through the waters of the Costa Smeralda.

A stand-up paddle along the coastline or a kayaking trip to explore Sardinia’s intriguing hidden sea caves.

Eat and drink

The resort’s Concierge team can also arrange traditional cookery classes such as gnocchi making.

An archaeological tour of northern Sardinia’s middle to late Bronze Age sites.

A discovery trip to learn the longevity-lifestyle secrets of the island.

A shepard experience at a farm with cheese-making and visits to family-run wineries.

Drink up and work it off later… it’s gym today in Sardinia.

Stay at 7Pines Resort Sardinia, part of Destination by Hyatt starting from €550 per night including breakfast:

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