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Hospitable Hugh’s invitation

Ireland’s fáilte is famous the world over and history records especially one Hospitable’s Hugh’s invitation in Fermanagh.

Hugh Maguire replied to his English visitor thus in 1539: ‘Your sheriff shall be welcome, but let me know his eric, that if my people should cut off his head I may levy it upon the country.’

That English visitor being Queen Elizabeth.

Poster boys and girls: With the Travel Circuit in Dublin

Perhaps best not look too closely then at her Tripadvisor entry or whether Eric ever did stay.

Thankfully Elizabeth’s modern namesake is now a friend to all Ireland following her historic trip in 2011.

Castle and keep

King (or queen) of the castle: Enniskillen

As are Hibernophiles from all across ‘the other island’.

All something to soak up then on your trip to Hugh’s fortress, Enniskillen Castle, and on your boat trip around the island town.

Where you truly will be afforded the best hospitality, and all at the best prices.

For only £20.75 per adult, £14.25 per child, with the Island Town and Castle Pass which guarantees hours of fun!

Going underground

Cave rave: Marble Arch Caves

A little-known fact here too and one worth telling all those Brexiteers as they try to wrestle with hard and soft borders.

The Marble Arch Caves is where trace the Owenbrean River runs free under Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Tickets are £12 per adult and £6 per child for a 75-minute tour.

C’Mahon round to our place

To the Fermanagh born: Mahon’s Hotel

These days, of course, the hospitality has moved on from Hugh’s castle to…

The family orientated Mahon’s Hotel situated in the quaint town of Irvinestown.

Walking options, golfing and water activities are all within reach with breaks starting at only £95 per night.

A different kinda lodge

Water view: The Killyevlin Lodges

Now not all lodges in Northern Ireland are so welcoming…

As the Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel & Lodges which has a September Saver offer with prices at £175 per night.

The best resort

You’ll Erne your R&R: With a little watersports

If resorts are more your thing then make your way to the 5* Lough Erne Resort.

Nestled on a 600-acre peninsula, it boasts spectacular views of the Fermanagh Lakelands and the world-renowned Faldo Course.

Enjoy the best available B&B rate with £70 Complimentary Credits from £149.

So get yourself out to Fermanagh Lakelands… and that’s me saying it, not Hospital Hugh’s invitation.

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