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Bulgar me that’s a deal

Plus ca change as they say around the Black Sea… or roughly translated Bulgar me that’s a deal.

It was the same 25 years ago when a work colleague pointed us eastwards to Bulgaria where she guaranteed the best budget holiday ever.

And for value TUI and Sunny Beach can’t be beaten with a family we met there revealing that they were on their second holiday there of the year.

It was a good time too to get out of Dodge, or Breakdown Britain as it was known then.

Tiara Ta-ra Princess Di: And a poignant year

In the wake of Princess Diana’s death.

Spend seven nights at the 2* Jupiter hotel. Fly from Dublin on 1st September with 15kg luggage, transfers and breakfast included each day.

Book online or visit your local TUI store/Agent from just €369pps.

Medieval days

For the ages: Sozopol

Now the sell on Sunny Beach is in the title and no harm here…

You deserve your break on a hot stretch of sand on the Black Sea.

But if you’re like us you’ll want to get a flavour of who the Bulgarians are and what they’re all about.

Deal us in: Our Bulgaria party

For us it was the old town of Sozopol where our taxi driver was waiting at the hotel.

He let us have our day and dinner in the medieval town before picking us up.

Personal chauffeur more like it.

For you it’ll be Nessebar.

Classic holiday

Dip your toe in: With The Son and Heir in Bulgaria

Just a 15-minute drive away from your resort, Nessebar is a UNESCO-listed town which was founded by the Thracians.

The Greeks and Romans then put up temples for Apollo and chunky fortress walls.

There’s also an Ottoman-style Medieval Basilica to see.

And it’s all jockeying for position on a tiny, near-circular peninsula.  

They’ve all been here

One of their own: Bulgarian kids and The Son and Heir

Of course the Ancients aren’t the only empire which found Bulgaria too irresistible to leave.

And whether the Russian writing on the old swimming changing rooms on the beaches is still there is doubtful.

Twenty-five years from when we visited.

But now that they’re being harried out of Crimea.

Russian sunworshippers are probably getting their brochures out for what was their Costa Del Pravda.

Wherever you’re from though you’re probably desperate for a holiday.

After two years of Covid and Bulgar me that’s a deal which TUI are offering.


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