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Red red wine and Georgia

You make me feel so fine which is why I’ll be celebrating the day that’s in it with red red wine and Georgia. And the rest of the world.

Now we’ve been getting high on the black grape for 6,000 years since the ancient Georgians thought to bury grape juice underground in the winter.

All of which makes you wonder how it took until 2014 and Jace Shoemaker-Galway to establish Red Red Wine Day.

Like all the best ideas you kick yourself that you didn’t come up with it first.

Own it, Eoghan

Gang of four: With Eoghan, Teresa and Sharon

Or that someone you know didn’t, such as the Doyen of Irish Travel and Irish aficionados, Eoghan Corrie.

Who on every trip would regale us with his global tales of derring-do when he had a glass of red in his hand which is always.

And, of course, who knows more about wine than I’ll ever know.

Which is that after the Georgians first bottled the grape the Egyptians got in on the act in 3100BC.

You (and me) are probably more familiar with a Bordeaux red.

And that has been around since 71AD.

Georgia on my mind

By George: With the Georgia ambassador

Of course, Ambassador George didn’t want to talk to me about French red or Egyptian vintage when he invited me around to the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin.

And regaled me about the world’s first winds from his country.

And sent me home with a bottle, although not 5,000 years old although I wouldn’t have complained.

Whatever your red, and we have a standing joke in the family based around Effin’ Merlot, channeling the film Sideways.

And give a thought to our fave drink. Red red wine and Georgia, the birthplace of a favourite tipple.





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