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China a brick at a time

Confucius he say ‘a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step’… the Bucket List Company they say build your Great Wall of China a brick at a time.

And that’s why they offer you the chance to pace your payments in instalments for their short and long-hauls.

Running with our metaphor du jour the Bucket List Company have a ten-day trek along the Great Wall of China.

Well, a stretch of the 13,000-mile ancient fortification at any rate.

And now the history bit

Child’s play: The Wall

The story goes that seven different states each built their own walls and used them for defence until the unification of China in the Qin Dynasty, back around 221BC. 

Qin put on an extension and his successors added to it over the years.

Another brick in the wall

Forbidden fruit: The Forbidden City

On this trip, not only will you tackle the Great Wall and drink in the history, but you’ll get to grips with Beijing too.

And channel your inner protester (arms outstretched, just not in front of the cops) at Tiananmen Square.

And delve into the Forbidden City and Beijing’s old residential quarters.

Your walks will be gentle, only four days’ trekking where you’ll cover 24 miles.

Of course we’ll all be only walking in the footsteps of those who have come before us.

And that will mean ticking off another of my Mum and Dad’s bucket list.

Deal me in

Snap happy: The Wall

So, if you want to shell out in a oner you can and your ten-dayer with flights out of the UK will cost you £1,900.

Or if you want to spread it out just put away £153.85 x 13 months.

The price is in a twin share room. And you can get your own room from an extra £400.




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