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Where is the Bounty island?

It’s been a cause for desolation rather than celebration that everybody’s favourite mini-chocolate is being cut from your Christmas box, and it’s prompted us to ask where is the Bounty island of the iconic advert?

Well, unsurprisingly it was the Caribbean where the actors sizzled and sensualised to the backdrop of Try A Little Tenderness.

And all with the payoff tagline A Taste of Paradise.

It was a natural location, of course, with coconuts aplenty all across the Caribbean.

Dom rule

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that the Dominican Republic on the east of the island of Hispaniola is a relatively recent tourist discovery.

With Boris and Carrie Johnson and their brood of little blondies the latest celebs to grace the island with their presence.

Following in the sandsteps of the Bill and Hillary Clintons of this world.

But the location managers looking for the taste of paradise plumped for Saona beach from all of the idyllic options throughout the Caribbean and the world.

Now we’ve been over BoJo’s Casa de Campo retreat in these pages over the Isla Saona.

Isla Saona

Room with a view: Dom Rep

So today we’re focusing on the Bounty Island, or Bounty Isla, or Isla Saona.

Saona Beach House tell us that they have cosy houses that offer the opportunity to enjoy virgin nature.

On an almost deserted island where you will have the chance to relax on beaches just for you.

So if you want the con vista la mar, that’s seaside view to you and me, but always better in Spanish then it’s from $79 a night.

And it’ll be pure peace apart, of course, for the beautiful people posing out front.

A coconut falling from a tree. And somebody out of shot singing Try A Little Tenderness.




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