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Dublin to Tel Aviv Israel is real

Dublin to Tel Aviv Israel is real which is proof that if you keep the faith the Promised Land is always in sight.

And, unlike poor Moses on Mt Nebo, you can get there three times a week.

With El Al’s three-time weekly non-stop service up and running from March 26.

You know, the one they had planned for two years ago only for Covid to get in the way.

Flights are scheduled to operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with a flight time of approximately six hours.

A story to Tel

Clap Clap: Artsy Tel Aviv

With you landing in Tel Aviv many will barely touch ground before they’re off to the Holy Sites.

But you would do well to tarry a while in Tel Aviv for a different Israel.

And mingle with the Beautiful People on the beaches.

They’re not the only pristine white attractions of Tel Aviv.

The White City

All white on the night: The White City

With the White City of Tel Aviv a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Where there’s a free tour every Saturday along the Rothschild Boulevard, located next to the city’s first kiosk and streetlamp.

Your guide will relay stories about the houses that line the boulevard and the people who lived in them.

And wax lyrical about the Bauhaus in the middle of the street.

That’s a Jaffa

No, not those: But Jaffas are the best oranges

Now back in the day we seem to remember it being called Jaffa Tel Aviv.

And that would be right with the modern-day thriving city built out of the old Jaffa port.

And, of course, the port remains on our radar for its definitive orange.

But this one: The old port of Jaffa

Which you can find all over the fruit, spice and veg markets, the most prominent of which is the Carmel Market.

Then there’s the Jaffa flea market, museums, artists’ studios and restaurants.

Which make up this magic new-old city.

So Dublin to Tel Aviv Israel is real and you’ll have a real good time in the real jewel of the Israeli Med.

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