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Istanbul for romance

There would be few bigger statements than asking a question on the Bosphorus which is why we all should look to Istanbul for romance.

And which is why I had lined up Turkey’s biggest city for my big moment.

Only for Malta to stand in for Istanbul though the harbour in Valletta stands comparison with anywhere in the world.

We did try to reach Istanbul with an extra on board, an 18-month-old, on an itinerary from Bulgaria.

But again, it got by us.

Party on the Bosphorus

When I eventually did get to the crossroads of Europe and Asia it was on my own.

On my own but with party people… those revellers being an Irish travel group.

And we all know where the Irish goes the craic goes with them.

Lie back and think of… Istanbul

And when you’re in the Turks’ town and their waterway then a boombox is what’s needed.

But, of course, you need a base, and a romantic one at that if you bring your sweetheart with you.

And The Peninsula Hotels have you very much in mind as can be seen by the launch date for their new hotel.

Launch date

Hammam bam: The Peninsular

So why not choose Istanbul for romance for Valentine’s Day?

Guests can avail of a Valentine’s Day launch B&B offer of €1,050 per room per night.

And that’ll include a €100 credit towards dining, spa and wellness.

And comp airport pick-up for all suite reservations.

The big welcome: The Peninsular lobby

With Turkish Airlines and its state-of-the-art Business Lounge in Istanbul Airport is who to use.

If you can extricate yourself from the luxury surrounding you.

So if you’ve a question to ask and you want to make a statement on Valentine’s Day…

Then it’s Istanbul for romance.





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