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World Cup songs

And we’re inspired by a Scottish presence at the World Cup in Qatar to visit World Cup songs.

No, not the Lochgilphead Loyal and their Saltire which suggests that they might be following the Auld Enemy England.

No, we’re reminded when Australia take the field.

Ausome: Aussie fans

Both in the three Scots-born players and the seven Aussies playing in Scotland… the Jockeroos.

And the fact that the Aussie national anthem Advance Australia Fair was written by a Scot, Peter Dodds McCormick.

The power of the anthem in a sporting match can be seen etched on the faces of those for whom playing for their national team is the ultimate.

But what about their efforts in football World Cup songs.

We’ve been scrolling through iTunes and come up with these standards.

And, as usual, we set it to a holiday location you’ll have been to… or want to.

A Spanish dream

Saltire In Tenerife

I have a dream, World Cup, Spain 1982

And maybe not the musical polish of later slick WC productions but this remains the standard by which all other Scottish songs should be judged.

Written by BA Robertson (Bang, Bang) and narrated by John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory’s Girl, it’s a dream sequence.

Where Sinclair scores a penalty winner for Scotland in the final in Spain.

Of course, Scotland, as per the norm, had a nightmare… but we still have the song.

Electric Qatar

Aussie, Aussie: With the Aussies in Munich

Down Under, Qatar, 2022: And us Scots get everywhere with the Men At Work standard and Aussie anthem again tinted with tartan.

Colin Hay’s distinctive whine owes much to his Aussie upbringing but everything to his Ayrshire birthplace.

Can you hear, can you hear the thunder?

Schland uber alles

Food for thought: Bayern eats in Munich Airport

Schland, Qatar 2022: And if this one sounds familiar it’s only because it’s a variation on Lena’s 2010 winning Eurovision song.

The lead singer of German offering Uwu Lena dons a wig and dress in homage to the singer.

Only he doesn’t say whether he ‘even painted his toenails for you, he did it the other day.’

Mexican hot

Mexican wave: Ole

Hot, hot, hot, Mexico 1986: And this takes us right back to Mexico and Maradona and Montserrat.

Yes, the theme tune to that year’s festival originated in the Caribbean island of Montserrat and Arrow.

England down the vindaloo

Off to Waterloo: Keith Allen

Vindaloo, France 1998: And in a seemless segue we give you the best World Cup song of all time.

And with honourable mentions to Ally’s Tartan Army (Argentina, 1978) and Three Lions (in all its iterations), Fat Les’s Vindaloo is the pinnacle.

With that marching quality, vid and football nonsense lyrics this England fans’ favourite even had this Tartan Army foot soldier going.

As I initiated my then-three-year-old son into the ways of the World Cup.

Complete with saucepans, wooden spoons and adapted lyrics…

‘We’re going to score one less goal than you.’


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