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The Vermont Trapp family

When you climb every mountain as a pastime then if you have to relocate then you want some peaks around you, which is exactly the case with the Vermont Trapp family.

Vermont Trapp family, come again?

But while Salzburg, the hometown of the Von Trapps, naturally celebrates its most famous singing family, the Austrian singing troupe have more history by now with New England.

And more specifically Vermonters… they and their ancestors have lived in this Austrian-infused idyll for the past 80 years.

Just like Austria: Von Trapp Lodge, Vermont

With everything Von Trapp, it is best to start at the very beginning… that’s a very good place to start.

And join a Sound of Music tour in Salzburg where they’ll show you locations from the movie and put you right about a couple of things.

Such as the route Baron Georg, Maria and the kids took out of their home on their flight from the Nazis.

Which would have led them directly into Adolf Hitler’s retreat, the Wolf’s Lair.

The real Von Trapp journey

Team USA: The Vermont Van Trapps

Rather, the Baron, who had Italian citizenship, took the family to a train station in Italy from where they emigrated to America.

If you remember too from the movie that the Baron was a naval officer the that helps too in his story.

Because that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian empire when the now-landlocked Austria had a shoreline along the Balkans and most importantly in Trieste.

And it was because the Baron hailed from Trieste, by the 40s in Italy, that allowed him entry into Il Bel Paese.

All of which you’ll hear embellished, and much more besides, if you avail of the subject of today’s focus, the Platinum Premium Guide Tour, and their New England offering. And book and pay by December 5 to save up to 20 per cent.

A bountiful region

The highlight of their Beauty and Bounty of New England eight-day Guided Tour in the US for us would be staying in Stowe, the home of the Von Trapps.

You’ll also take in Boston, the cradle of the American Revolution.

But also more, much more, of New England and savour the many flavours of the region.

Including a maple syrup farm, where you can taste the sweet golden liquid tapped straight from the trees.

And ride a gondola at Loon Mountain Resort in New Hampshire‘s White Mountain Mountains and see as far as Canada.

Platinum flag up too Maine‘s oldest lighthouse in Portland and to celebrate your trip with a decadent fresh lobster dinner.

The world’s your oyster

Over the Loon: New Hampshire


Folks after our our heart as that is exactly what I did after my summer working in Boston when I bade a temporary farewell to my buddy Neily.

By insisting that we dine on my last night there at the most expensive, exclusive and oldest restaurant, the Union Oyster House, near Faneuil Hall.

And, of course, it is still there, and I daresay providing customers with bibs for their bucket of all that you can eat from the harbour.

Platinum’s offer is from €3440, and reserve with a deposit starting form €100.

Now that’s the sound of music to our ears… New England and the Vermont Trapp family had their home.





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