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EasyJet Booksing Day sale

It’s standard Travel abbreviation pp for per person but the EasyJet Booksing Day sale could just as easily be Portugal and Prague.

A favourite fly and flop and a fun city break it’s no surprise that EasyJet are flagging up these jewels for its sale.

Running from today until the end of January the Big Orange Sale (its livery obviously) EasyJet is offering up to £300 off package holidays.

Helpfully EasyJet map out price ranges across £200pp/£300pp/£400pp/£500pp or less.

And maybe if you’ve shelled out this first post-Covid Christmas then you’ll lean towards the £200 band.

PP Perfect

Golden vision: The Algarve

And that’s where you’ll find Portugal and Prague.

You and yours can kick back in the beach front Dom Jose Beach Hotel, Quarteira, Algarve from £391.

For three nights B&B in Faro from Thursday, January 12-Sunday January 15, flying out of Bristol.

Or three nights SC (self-catering) at Flor Da Laranja, Albufeira, 3.5km from the beach.

Again from Bristol and from Monday, January 16.

The Paladim Alagoamar, also in Albufeira, 1.2km from the beach.

Yes, Bristol is your starting point here too and you’ll be leaving on January 12 and get three nights in the sun.

If Spain is more your style then the Costa Blanca and Lanzarote are also on offer.

While Malta is also a draw… and all flying out of England.

And PP Pilsener

Bridge of highs: On the King Charles Bridge in Prague

Of course there are those of us who prefer the Pilsner and the pubs and the Czech capital has both in abundance.

The Grandior Hotel is a city centre hotel which is handy as you won’t have to trek up the hilly Castle at the end of the night.

And yes, it’s timely too with Boxing Day falling today.

When we all know that Good King Wenceslas last looked out… on this, the Feast of Stephen.

So check out the pp offers aa part of the EasyJet Booksing Day Sale.



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