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Away in a Slovenian cave

Away in a Slovenian cave the little Lord Jesus has a host of angels, a symphony of sound and a kaleidoscope of colour.

All of which is calling me on even if I do have to make do with the plastic Nativity set mia famiglia get out every year.

Travelling the world often brings with it the most left-field invitations.

And particularly post-Covid when friends we’ve made virtually invite you over to their showpiece annual event…

At the drop of a Christmas hat.

Cave dwellers

Cradled with love: The Bethlehem scene

Alas, the Living Nativity which the good folk of the Postojna Cave are putting on this Christmas has had to go on without me.

Entitled ‘let there be peace on Earth’ it’s a perennial message we can all adhere to but impossible to follow in our hustle-bustle world.

Of course whatever the genesis of Jesus and without being a grinch half of the evangelists spared us any details of his birth.

The magic train: In the cave

And revisionist historians now believe that Mark and Luke place Jesus in Bethlehem because it is David’s Royal City.

But there is something calming and magical about playing out the story in Slovenia’s fabled caves.

And why should it be any more fantastical to imagine angels on high being well below than any other part of the Christmas story.

Caves have, of course, been with us since, cave dwellers.

When dinosaurs and dragons roamed the planet.

Dragon fire

How to train your dragon: In Slovenia

And yes, you really can see baby dragons here.

You know the types who can go without food for 12 years and live to 100.

And who Discovery Channel followed as Mother Dragon laid her eggs and heralded in a new generation a few years back.

And it’s a birth story to match any the Biblicals came up with.

The Postojna Cave is equidistant, 55 kilometres from Slovenia capital Ljubliana and Trieste in Adriatic Italy.

So when you’re visiting your church Nativity Scene or lullabying your kiddie to sleep.

Maybe tell them too the alternative story of Away in a Slovenian cave.

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