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Canyonlands a dam fine sight

It’s the water of life sustaining three states and north Mexico and anyone who’s been agrees… Canyonlands a dam fine sight.

For many the first sight of the cavernous expanse is out of Las Vegas when you view the Hoover Dam below.

And for those of us who pass over the hydroelectric works that fuel our own regions, well there’s no passing over this.

At least not without your jaw open.

Wonders will never cease

Top of the Choppers: En route to the Canyon

At the sight of the 726ft high and 1244ft long First Wonder of the Industrial World.

Where 90 years ago this year the first concrete was poured into the structure which created the Lake Mead reservoir.

And now means 16 million people are provided with water.

And believe me you’ll be grateful to Herbert Hoover for the aqua that is gold in the Mojave desert.

Water marvel

Bandan Canyon: With Tara and Tryphavana

So as well as marking that first concrete mould for the construction which was completed in 1935 why are we focusing today on the Hoover Dam.

Other than, of course, that water preservation amid the warming Earth has never been more important.

The Hoover Dam and its hinterland is a must-see on Platinum Travel’s Enchanting Canyonlands package.

Cavernous: The Colorado River

The Irish Travel specialists are offering a one-week guided tour that includes the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.

And that will also include a trip to Sedona to marvel at the towering red rocks, and we’re fans from Colorado, and explore the funky shops.

Then travel to Grand Canyon National Park, where you can board a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft to fly above the canyon’s floor.

Later meet a local expert, who will share the history of the natural wonder.

Navajo go, go

Native life: The Navajo

For the boy (or girl) racer in you hop on an 4×4 vehicle in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

With a Navajo and learn about their tribal heritage.

Changed days a 4×4 we hear you say although we imagine there will be Navajo tales of derring-do on horseback too.

If that’s not enough, then you can also take in the cliff-and-canyon landscape of Zion National Park in comfort.

From €3,550 including flights & full tour per-person based on two sharing.

All of which makes Canyonlands a dam fine sight.


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