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Clock out Dublin’s Clerys again

It was the iconic meeting place for first dates and young lovers so there‘s anticipation in the air that you can clock out Dublin’s Clerys again.

The 170-year-old department store in the heart of O’Connell Street was taken over in 2015.

With a refurb starting in 2019 which is at last nearing completion.

The old store and an adjoining building The Clerys Quarter is springing up.

As a retail, office, bar and restaurant complex and hotel.

We’re particularly looking forward to the Clerys Rooftop Restaurant.

Where you’ll get views of Dublin to match, maybe even the Guinness Storehouse’s Gravity Bar.

Ticking the right box

Curtain-raiser: The Clerys unveiling

Hence the symbolic reunveiling of the clock and an exhibition of the history of the store.

And for anybody for whom Dublin isn’t a new trip they’ll recognise the clock.

With its Roman numerals which have been restored with gold leaf.

While the mechanical system has also been modernised.

Making an exhibition 

Glittering: What it will look like

To mark the occasion there will be a free exhibition Clerys: The Archives.

And that will include documents, objects, and images to tell the story of the capital landmark.

There will be rescued artefacts dating back to 1847, images and tales throughout the years.

And personal stories from the documentary ‘Under the Clock’.

Streets ahead

Tea time: Rooftop eating and drinking

Clerys’ return to O’Connell Street removes an eyesore facade from the landscape.

And it breathes new life and a much-needed elegance into the capital’s thoroughfare.

Like many a main street around the world O’Connell Street has fallen prey.

To the tacky, tawdry and tasteless over the decades.

But this Clerys renovation will revive some of the street’s glitz in keeping with its statues down the spine of the street and we do love to put deserving people of pedestals.

The redevelopment has involved restoring the collonaded facade, internal staircases, columns and ceilings… and the clock.

Rare gold times

Streets ahead: The great Dublin street

We expect the Great and the Good who reside on O’Connell Street, the heroes of Irish history…

Daniel O’Connell, Jim Larkin, Charles Stewart Parnell will all look across at the new Clerys with pride.

And because the dial always moves forward.

Then we can celebrate Dublin in the rare gold times.

As we clock out Dublin’s Clerys again.







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