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Rideau of your life with Le Boat

The French called the twin waterfalls curtains, Le Rideau, and you’ll have the rideau of your life with Le Boat.

Now unless you’ve got a family name behind you, like say a Trudeau.

Then you’ve got to do the whole nine yards.

Or more seeing that this is the second biggest country on earth to get a seat in the Canadian parliament.

State of the art: Le Boat

Better then getting a relaxing seat on your own boat meandering into Ottawa.

And that’s what Europe’s largest self-drive boating company is offering with its fleet of 32 Horizon cruisers in Canada.

All of which can access the new base on Ontario’s Rideau Canal.

Parlay at the parliament

Eternal flame: Ottawa House of Commons

Le Boat has included Ottawa in its self-drive itineraries since its launch on the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal in 2018.

And the new base is a response to demand generated by Le Boat’s guests to include more convenient one-way trips to the Canadian capital.

And for those who don’t know the capital it’s more than just the parliament, regularly named one of the top ten parliaments in the world.

With its huge clock tower, the Peace Tower, which stands in the middle of the building.

Ottawa features world-class museums, beautiful scenery and a variety of unique neighbourhoods.

On the horizon

And on dry land: Get off your boat and bike it

Le Boat’s guests will benefit from six new itineraries, including convenient one-way trips to Ottawa from its main base in Smiths Falls, Ontario, or vice versa.

For the 2023 Season, Le Boat will be accepting delivery of two new Horizon Plus Cruisers (Horizon 1 Plus and Horizon 4 Plus) from Delphia Yachts.

Bringing their fleet on the Rideau to 32 boats.

The boating season on the Rideau Canal starts on 19 May and ends on 9 October 2023.

Clients will be able to cruise on the Horizon 1 Plus, Horizon 2, Horizon 3 and Horizon 4 Plus from Le Boat’s new base in Ottawa.

Justin time: Justin Trudeau

And will have the option of choosing short breaks (three to six nights).

Or longer journeys (seven-ten nights one-way or round-trip cruise options) starting in Ottawa or Smiths Falls.

Boating holidays start from just £1,121/€1187 for a four-night cruise.

Or from £1,874/€2161 for a seven-night cruise. Le Boat (+44 (0) 23 922 2177,

You’ll certainly have a Rideau of your life with Le Boat.



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