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Me-biking at the worlds in Ischgl

How many sports do you get to compete to be the best on the globe… well, how about me-biking at the worlds in Ischgl in Austrian Tirol?

Anybody who has seen me fall off bikes from Islay in the Scottish Western Islands.

To Quinta da Lago in Portugal might think again.

About allowing me to line up alongside other two-wheeled fans.

Or maybe I’ve tricked them with my triumphant picture at the top of a Pyrenees Tour de France stage.

EVERYONE’S a winner

Keep up: At the top of the Pyrenees

Fact is that you, me, or anyone is invited to the E-Bike World Championship from August 31 to September 2.

Where a world championship title for professional athletes and occasional cyclists from the age of ten will be up for grabs.

The rules of the world’s biggest E-Bike race they say are simple.

‘The fastest biker is crowned world champion in the ‘ELITE’ category,’ explains Dr Markus Mitterdorfer (E-Bike World Federation).

‘Participants in the ‘EVERYONE’ category compete against three riding time limits (gold, silver, and bronze).

‘If they fall below one of the three defined limits, the e-bikers will receive an official EVERYMAN World Championship gold, silver or bronze medal,’

Whoever falls short of the gold limit may call themselves world champions.

The most outstanding performers in each age group will be recognised according to gender and classification class.

So, in the words of Hot Chocolate’s Errol Brown ‘everyone’s a winner baby, that’s no lie.’

Although probably more apt in my case would be ‘we’ll put you together again.’

Fantastic Mr (and Mrs) Fox

Look, no hands: But I’ll be holding on tight

If being a world champion and telling everyone when you get home has whetted your appetite.

Then you’ll be ready for the other fun and games they have in store. 

The Ischgl Ironbike Fox Hunt Challenge will take place this year as part of the E-Bike World Championships for EVERYONE on Thursday, 31 August.

E-bikers try to overtake two ‘foxes’ on the uphill course towards Idalp.

The foxes are on the road with a lead run and without electricity.

The participants will follow a little later with electricity running through their bikes.

In two starting blocks, the aim is to catch up to one female and one male fox – the foxes are still a secret.

E is the magic number

Making a splash: And the wheels to handle the puddles

The highlight of the weekend will be the race to the E-Bike World Championship for EVERYONE taking place on two different courses on Saturday, 2 September.

The world championship route for the “EVERYONE” classification class is the longest in length with a distance of 27.1 km.

Participants in the “ELITE” classification class will be asked to do their best on a 37.1km long technically demanding course.

‘Over 1,250 metres in altitude, which has been newly extended, with steep climbs and spectacular single trails.

Trick of the trade: The skills team

Also introduced in both classification classes is the team classification.

A team must consist of at least four people to be classified with the fastest three counting.

And I have form here, even if it is on two feet and cross country or road racing and 40 years ago when my school team ruled Scotland.

There is no upper limit to the number of people in a team.

Those who do not have their own E-Bike can rent one on site for a fee.

It is also possible to book a rental E-Bike for two days.

Registration is now possible online.


Strumthing else: The post-race entertainment

And stick around too for the apre-E (you can have that one) with trick bike artists and live bands on show.

If you register by 29 April, participation costs €59 without a rental E-Bike and €108 with a rental E-Bike. E-Bike rentals can also be booked for two days.

Those who register by 25 August will pay €69 euros. From 26 August, €79 euros will be due.

Further information available at World Championship for EVERYONE 2023

So that’s me, me and you and a dog named Boo are all in for a spot of Me-biking at the worlds in Ischgl.



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