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Colorado Colorodeo

We’ve all made buck eejits of ourselves at times and for yours truly it was a Colorado Colarodeo.

It was all mechanics at Mile High Stadium on the rodeo simulator.

When I endured my five minutes of shame on the big screen on the field.

Memories of which are sparked here today as we hear of the 49th running of the Snowmass Rodeo from June 21-August 16.

Roam on the range

Issy serious: Issy takes me for a ride

A summer staple in the Centennial State visitors can enjoy live music, cowboys and cowgirls, horses, livestock and family fun.

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm, rain or shine.

Now Coloradan cowboys and girls will be more than happy to get you up on the saddle.

Hands up: It’s all in the action

Though my steed when we roamed on the range, Issy, had only two speeds, slow and still.

Not that that would put me off giddying up for a bucking good time at the rodeo.

A quick browse of Aspen Snowmass strips back what it’s all about for those rodeo first-timers.

Saddle up

Hold on tight: Bronco riding

As cowboys and cowgirls ride into the arena for the Grand Entry to pay tribute to the American Flag.

They explain too that there’s more to bareback riding than meets the eye.

‘With nothing to hold but a suitcase-like handle on a strap, the cowboy must maintain balance and remain controlled and coordinated.’

We’ve got something of a preview of what horse roping is all about.

From further south in Mississippi when we watched a Good Ol’ Southern Boy rope in the waitress in the local Cleveland bar.

Make of this what you will: ‘The header takes off in pursuit of the steer, roping it around the horns, neck or a horn-neck combination.

‘And then turns the steer quickly to the left so the heeler has a shot at its hind legs.’

Bucking bronco

Practice makes perfect: The mechanical bull

Of course the main event is the bronco riding, or what Snowmass calls Saddle Bronc Riding.

And what you mustn’t do is: ‘touch any part of the horse or yourself with your free hand.

‘Or buck off before the eight-second whistle, or you’ll be disqualified.’

So don’t be left at the gate… take our advice and become a Colorado Colorodeo.



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