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The day the world’s cats are feline good

Moggieday, Moggieday, so good to me, and with apologies to the Moggies and Papas, today is the day the world’s cats are feline good.

And we have animal activist Coleen Paige to thank for pushing to have a national day for cats in 2005.

To go along with  National Dog Day in  2004 (see, you can love both), and National Puppy Day in March 2006.

Now, we’ve all been there on our travels when we’ve had kitties cuddle up to our legs and made us feel welcome.

So on this, National Cat Day, indulge us while we share some puss pics from our travels.

How Bazaar

Turk that: Sleepy cat in Istanbul

Istanbul: And our feline friends in Istanbul are the type of learned bunch TS Eliot would take to.

As we found out when we went shopping in the most historic and enchanting row of stores and stalls in this magical city on the Bosphorus.

Where you’ll find moggies sprawled out over books on the counter… cat lit if you like.

The Catmino

Cat on the prowl: In Tenerife

Tenerife:  And when you need someone to show you the way then you could do worse than follow the cats.

Because they know their way around, of course.

Mind you this furball in Tenerife knew better than to take to the open paths in the baking hot sun of our CaminoWays trek back in the day.

Furza Italia

Hello kitty: On the Via Francigena

Rome: Moggie mia… you’ll spot your gatti Italiani because of their swagger.

As they amble past you on your 100km walk from Lazio into Rome on your Via Francigena.

I guess that’s why they call Rome the Eternal Kitty.

Desert cats

Just desert: Kitty fun in Jordan

Jordan: Now we all know about the camel, the ‘ship of the desert’.

But our furry low-maintenance feline friends we found on our G Adventures adventure are adaptable to any terrain.

And they make a better sleeping companion under the stars in the Wadi Rum.

The Cattybbean

Fur he’s a jolly good fella: Kitty fun in Barbados

BarbadosAnd we all know that the cat rules the roost, or at least that’s how it is here where the mother-in-law’s moggie Mishka is on holiday.

And it is certainly the case in St Nicholas Abbey, ancestral home of the Cumberbatches (yes those Cumberbatches).

Where I had to give way on my Bajan Scottish odyssey because the top cat on the island is this furry fella.


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