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BlaQatar Friday

And with all roads (and flights) leading to the Gulf our Black Friday today comes as BlaQatar Friday with the world’s best airline.

Even as Qatar’s national team make a case for being the worst selection at their own World Cup.

Whatever has been said about Qatar the world is in love with their airline carrier with Skytrax naming QA the world’s best.

Hat’s off: To Qatar Airways

All of which has been good news for the army of fans who have been flying out to Qatar.

Not diverted by the fact that my own wee Scotland aren’t at the World Cup, we’re still promoting flights from here to Qatar.

With my local station, Edinburgh Airport flagging up their 12% off offers, all to be booked before November 30.

Final call

Whoaha Doha: In Corniche

So if you think your country will be in the final on December 18 you can fly out the day before and return the next day from £2176.65.

And if you look around you can bring your accommodation prices down.

We found the Tourist Hotel in Corniche, Doha on ebooking for two nights for under £400 ((£398).

If you’re not interested in the football (we accept all visitors here) then Jet2holidays are tempting us with their goodies.

With 5% to 50% off on selected hotels for a limited time.

Leaving on a Jet plane

Have skis, will travel: Val D’Isere

Now Jet2 might not be a high-end airways but they make no claims to be.

And they flew me seamlessly on my winter holiday this year to Val D’Isere in the French Alps.

They’re offering a range of winter holidays, last-minute getaways and summer holidays.

We zoomed in on their Jet2CityBreaks deal and happened first up on one of our favourite cities, Athens.

And the MET34 Athens where we’re told there’s 40% off the accommodation part of the holiday.

Situated in the Syntagma Square, you’re only 500m from the Metro Square.

Acropolis wow

Spoiled and ruined at the Acropolis in Athens

And just as importantly just a kilometre from the Acropolis.

And I know from my Greek odyssey that there are no more accommodating taxi drivers than the Athenians.

With the drivers (or maybe just the ones I had) giving me the option to pay whatever fare I thought the journey deserved.

Book by 23.59 on 29 November for travel dates up to 30 June.

And so you’ll get, say three nights for you and yours, for £1,178 in February.

Black is back

World in your hands: Qatar

There is no shortage of Black Friday deals out there so keep your eyes peeled and we will too.

So whether it’s BlaQatar Friday with the world’s best airline to see your team lift the cup.

Or you jet out with Jet2 on a cutprice deal for a budget break.




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Goodbye to pre-departure tests

If a week’s a long time in politics then a day’s an absolute lifetime as we say a tentative goodbye to pre-departure tests.

The UK and Ireland are not exactly throwing their doors open… we still have to put those little sticks up our nose.

But it’s enough to see punters bombarding their travel agents for summer holiday ideas.

Special agents

Ruby do: With Ruby in Barbados

Our holiday providers have reported business up 150%.

With operators at the likes of Jet2Holidays (flash sale) and Barrhead Travel here in Scotland glued to their phones.

A kinda Christmas come late.

For us Caribbean converts in Scotland (I’ve always been a believer) there has been a rush.

To get on the new Virgin Atlantic Edinburgh to Bridgetown, Barbados route.

While old favourite Tenerife (and why not take in the north and west of the island too) is also seeing brisk business.

State of redemption

Acting Goofy: And a big dog in Disney World In Orlando

The Oo Es of A is always a dream destination with Orlando warming up nicely with a whole raft of attractions.

See you there in June (although I’ve jinxed that on so many occasions I’m loath to name it in case I can’t claim it).

While start spreading the news, New York is among the dream destinations we are lining up as our big comeback holiday.

Now if you’re a UK/Ireland hopper like me then you’ll always favour going through Dublin for your transatlantic trip.

You skip pre-clearance you see.

Aer of optimism

Stairway to US heaven: Brohna Tinnelly and Sean Ryan at the steps of an Aer Lingus plane in Dublin

Our old pals at Aer Lingus are always front and centre with their deals.

Ireland’s national airline carrier has a January Seat Sale.

They have two million seats on sale including up to 20% off European and UK* travel.

As well as flights to North America from just €169 each way as part of a return trip.

And as they reminded us when I was over in Dublin for our American Thanksgiving catch-up their VeriFLY app takes all the work out of it for us.

That way you can upload your Covid-19 related documentation required for your destination,

And that way all of your Covid documentation is verified before travel.

Ya dancer: Ryanair seat sale

As usual we’ll bring you the best deals and destinations right here.

And with that in mind Michael O’Leary and Ryanair never miss out on the opportunity to seize the moment.

And they are offering 100,000 seats from €16.99.

Politicians watch out

Edinburgh Airport Covid rules

So let’s say a tentative goodbye to pre-departure tests.

Safe in the knowledge that politicians being politicians then they’ll likely change all the rules next week.

Let’s not let them.