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Bangladeshi in Barbados and solo women

The e-drop struck a note and recalled a Bangladeshi in Barbados and solo women. And one at home who wants to get on the road.

More of my new travel buddy Azmery in due course, but first the solo women in my life.

My Dear Old Mum, of course, who ventured beyond her Donegal townland to the capitals of Britain and Ireland and further afield.

And her successor who took off on her own to Monte Carlo as a young woman… and then on my adventures.

While Daddy’s Little Girl is now up and running on her own odyssey with Berlin under her belt.

After the last two years of Covid false starts.

Google eyes

Let’s hear it for New York: And this young lady

Of course, it would be grudging to deny there is a vehicle to explore holiday destinations beyond this site, such as Google.

And the search engine reveals volumes for ‘female solo travel’ have increased by 84% within the last year.

And travel companies that cater specifically to women have increased by 230%.

The 2021 Solo Female Travel Trends Survey also tells us 90% were driven by the flexibility to make their own plans.

While 86% wanted to get away from their routine and their day-to-day responsibilities.

Bang on

A female abroad: Azmery in Moscow

One such, though she may be too busy travelling just now, is Kazi Asma Azmery, who introduced herself on the dance floor as Azmery.

Azmery is a true world traveller, having saved up, sold her jewellery and left home in Bangladesh and chronicle the world.

Azmery has 130 countries under her belt since setting out at 19 in 2009.

And Barbados now, after ripping up the floor recently at Harbour Lights.

As a single woman travelling abroad Azmery admits that is not without its challenges.

And particularly when it comes, alas, to the outside world’s perceptions of the Asian country.

Passport to success

As Azmery pointed out: ‘I always carry my Bangladeshi passport so that people could know me by my country.

‘European or other citizens of other developed countries are welcomed everywhere, whereas we face negligence.’

My own British passport I admitted I have always taken for granted probably as a reluctant Briton, but proud Scot.

With Irish blood running right through me.

A split personality

Girl power: Laurie with Blanca in Berlin

It is timely to consider, and lament, that six years ago this week Britons decided to leave Europe and trigger panic about passports.

That has come into play now with different queues emerging at airports.

Of course one solution is to make capital of joint identity which for millions of us half-irish half-bloods means pursuing an Irish passport.

And that is exactly what Daddy’s Little Girl, schooled in Ireland over 13 years living there, is doing just now.

That has meant digging out her Grannie’s passport and wedding certificate, from Dun Laoghaire, and my birth certificate, and my own union with my English rose.

Because the world is out there for all of us, but for the subject that’s in it here today, for our Amazon women.

Good luck Azmery wherever you are. Keep flashing that passport of yours too.

Great memories of a Bangladeshi in Barbados and solo women.

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