Grazie to Aer Lingus – New Italy + more USA

I felt a heel when I had to let colleagues know that I was sending someone else to sunny shores. Sometimes it might even have been me. But my pal Mary Conroy always delivered. And I always enjoyed presenting her stories and pictures and I’m sure you enjoyed them too. Now Mary’s travels sprang to […]

The rebirth of Puerto Rico

Every time there is a gentle zephyr in Britain and Ireland tired headline writers trot out the old banner: ‘batten down the hatches’. But any storm here pales into insignificance compared with the annual worries Caribbean islanders have to go through. Maria variously conjures up images of The Sound of Music, West Side Story or […]

Flyday Friday – Dubai

The Son And Heir was always reaching out as a toddler, curious to see what the world felt like it. And he loved his lego which he called ‘Talls’. He’d love Legoland in Dubai Parks and Resorts then. And you’d love Emirates’ deal for your family for €5,569 with return flights. Emirates Holidays has […]