Black Flyday Friday coming with Emirates

Just mentioning, and no pressure here, but tomorrow’s my birthday. Well, a lot of pressure then! But if you need some guidance then Emirates has seven nights all-inclusive from €2,1499pp 5* You & Me Cocoon Maldives. Among Emirates Holidays’ Black Friday range of deals. The package has complimentary room upgrade from Manta Villa to Dolphin […]

Flyday Friday – Dubai

The Son And Heir was always reaching out as a toddler, curious to see what the world felt like it. And he loved his lego which he called ‘Talls’. He’d love Legoland in Dubai Parks and Resorts then. And you’d love Emirates’ deal for your family for €5,569 with return flights. Emirates Holidays has […]

Holiday Snaps – Biarritz

Right, the world’s leaders aren’t going to stay in a caravan park but I do heartily agree with the G7’s choice of Biarritz. In a former life, and former newspaper, when I had to compete with others (the cheek of it!) to be picked to go on a travel trip, I landed Biarritz. The newspaper’s […]