Hungry & Thursday – Dishy Rihanna

I was happier behind the video camera which is unusual, I grant you. After getting my hand smacked the last time there was a Bajan cookery lesson. My Bajan friends were back in town, cooking, mixing cocktails and dancing. So it would have been rude not to join in when the music started. Particularly as […]

Monday Saver – €1500pp Maldives

Vanessa is one of those contagious spirits who convert you to their cause through their enthusiasm and dedication. Of course, I ought to have been doing more then without anybody having to tell me. But German Vanessa awoke me to the perils of plastic pollution in the ocean when I visited the Maldives. I swear […]

Holiday Snaps – Biarritz

Right, the world’s leaders aren’t going to stay in a caravan park but I do heartily agree with the G7’s choice of Biarritz. In a former life, and former newspaper, when I had to compete with others (the cheek of it!) to be picked to go on a travel trip, I landed Biarritz. The newspaper’s […]

Barbados: Friends in need, friends indeed

‘It’s all right for you going off to Barbados again,’ SHE opined from across the sofa. I didn’t have the heart, or courage, to tell her that I had invited her a month or so previously but that she had declined. And I would never have won that one even if I’d had it in […]

Holiday Snaps – Save money on Italy

A man goes into the doctor: ‘Doctor, I feel like an Italian island,’ Doctor: ‘Don’t be Sicily.’ You obviously need more than a morning and afternoon to spend in Sicily but alas that is all we had on our day trip from Malta. Of course we could easily put that right with award-winning Italian holiday […]

Holiday Snaps

Start spreading the news… New York is more than just the city, although what a city! So start spreading out to New York State and start to discover its many charms. Our friends at New York State who are never strangers and regularly come to see us in Dublin were in town again to share […]