Cruiseday Tuesday – Trolls and the fjords

You never forget your first love which is why I make no apologies in revisiting our unforgettable trip to the Norwegian fjords last year. Me, The Scary One and MSC. It was our first dip into cruising as a couple (no, not that and again why has that word been hijacked?) I swam in the […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Nile’s better

Ancient conquerors and empire builders get a bad press – they were really just adventurers who wanted to see your land. Now if only they had put away the slaughter they’d have been very welcome. Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte were among the most successful and like most emperors they cut a dash. Jools and […]

Holiday Snaps – UNESCO sites and bike treks

Mariaclaudia kept us on a tight leash which is as it should be and is fiercely proud of her Padova. Which is why her antennae pinged when I asked to be dropped off at the train station during free time. Of course she drew out of me that I was going to spend the afternoon […]

Hurry up – sale is in the Cannes

The weather’s lousy here… well, the rain is what makes Ireland so green, I guess. But I bet it’s nicer down on the French Riviera. In fact I know it is. Travel Department has a flash winter sun sale for customers booking select seven-night holidays until tomorrow. You’ll get €40pp off the cost of […]