Holiday Snaps – Black Effing Friday

Thirty years working to a deadline and Black Friday can feel like a pressure I don’t need. Which is why I’ve latched onto Click&Go… Who see the day as a springboard for their offers. I dipped my toe again in Barcelona’s waters this year, 17 years after my first foray there. And I found […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Stena and Wales

And because one day is never enough I’m tempted to introduce a Thank God it’s Ferryday too. To shoehorn in news from our friends from Stena Who have taken possession of Stena Estrid from the yard in China. Which is now on its way over to Ireland. To sail the Dublin to Holyhead route […]

Holiday Snaps – Berlin Walls and Philly Bells

I’m indebted to reader Mark Konig @_markkoenig for his comments on my thoughts on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In my blog Mark questioned ‘how could the Walll be a symbol of USSR?’ And, yes. it is important to say that this was the GDR and that the greater […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – the naked truth

I was a more attractive proposition than the previous candidate for the spare room in the girls’ Belfast home – I promised to keep my clothes on. The guy before me was a naturist. The thing is that naturism depends on everybody being in on it, Now there is every type of cruise on the […]

Holiday Snaps – Is it Pee for Prague?

It is one of the world’s great statues and on a similar theme to the better known Manneken Pis in Brussels – the Prague statue ‘Piss’. You’ll no doubt go to the Astronomical Clock when you’re there and it is worth it, although hellishly busy. But you should have a ‘Piss’ stop at the statue […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Alaska, I’ll ask her

I always get a thrill when I hear of people cruising for the first time. And before I forget to get angry I’m reclaiming that word ‘cruising’ which has come to mean something else. My old friends Dougie and Julie are floating around the western Med at the moment and the last time I checked […]

Holiday Snaps – Biarritz

Right, the world’s leaders aren’t going to stay in a caravan park but I do heartily agree with the G7’s choice of Biarritz. In a former life, and former newspaper, when I had to compete with others (the cheek of it!) to be picked to go on a travel trip, I landed Biarritz. The newspaper’s […]

Holiday Snaps – Post-exam hols

I’m glad that’s all over – the Post-Leaving Cert holidays. By the time it got to my two the destinations had changed.., it was Lisbon and Amsterdam. For me and my buddies it was camping in the French Riviera. And, no, of course it wasn’t Cannes. But St Raphael. And yes, I’ve had to add […]