OneRepublic: Rockin’ all over the world

There is nothing quite like a song to transport you to a time a place, a person, in your life.

I always make a point of claiming a song from everywhere I go and make up playlists when I go home.

It helps me hold on to that place that little bit longer.

And bring it up every time I hear it again.

The song can be a random, recognisable tune you hear on the radio or the TV.

I’m in there somewhere: At Red Rocks

Or a new tune that you pick up which leads you to investigate the singer, band or composer and build a collection.

While the best of all is if you see live music when you are abroad.

In this random series I will share some of the great music I’ve heard on my travels which oft times has defined the destination.

I’m going to kick things off with one of the great musical venues in the world, Red Rocks in Colorado.

Hymn of the Republic

Where I saw Denver band OneRepublic.

I stopped and stared: At Red Rocks

I didn’t know it at the time.

But the lead singer Ryan Tedder as well as penning a number of very recognisable songs I didn’t know were his has also written for a number of big stars.

Including Beyonce – and he sang a rousing Halo.

And here’s me giving all Ryan’s secrets away…

But the tune which stayed with me was set in his experience of growing up in Colorado and thinking of moving on grabbed me.

Stop and Stare cut the brisk Colorado night.

And of course the ancient rock setting and the acoustics from the music hitting them made for a magical night.

Red Jocks: Myself and fellow Scot Neil at Red Rocks

The only regret was that I hadn’t seen The Beatles, The Stones, Bruce and U2 play there.

Rocks of ages

But I will be back and I expect Brandon Flowers and The Killers to keep their side of the bargain and be on when I’m there.

To get you in the mood here is my review of Red Rocks https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/onerepublicatredrocks/ And heck, because you asked my series on Denver and Colorado too https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/go-west-denver-buffalo-bill/

And here are some websites that you can check out more… http://www.redrocksonline.com and http://www.onerepublic.com and http://www.denver.org

And with Daddy’s Little Girl making some new memories of her own at Electric Picnic this weekend here’s my guide to a few music festivals… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/08/28/festival-time-music-gigs/

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