Hungry and Thursday – Dutch delicacies

There’s more to Dutch food than just tulips!

Come again?

Yes, the tulip as well as being the most beautiful flower in God’s garden also kept the people of the Netherlands alive during the Second World War.

When the desperate Dutch beset by famine in the Hongerwinter of 1944-45 started boiling the tulip bulbs to stay alive.

How bazaar: The converted mosque in Amsterdam

I’m talking crepe am I?

Well, no.

You can find out all about the tulip, how it was the flower of nobility, cost as much as a townhouse and was the subject of fevered speculation.

Leading to the first financial bubble. Visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum yourself to find out more http://www.amsterdamtulipmuseum.com.

Tuck in: The balcony is a convivial place to eat in De Bazaar

It’s next door to the Cheese Museum http://www.cheesemuseumamsterdam.com on Prinsengracht.

Now, I know the Dutch didn’t invent cheese, or the tulips (they come from Turkey and are thus named after the Turkish word for turban).

But they do have the best.

I recall myself and The Scary One cycling out to Edam only to find it was their half day.

But we did manage to stock up on cheese, a garlic one a particular favourite.

Did you really think I’d go for the veggie option?

The Netherlands are a real treat for comfort food eaters. Their crepes are as delicious as they are varied.

But watch out what colour of cafe you go into – my crepe on that particular trip made me feel a little too giddy of head.

While I discovered at the Netherlands v Greece game in Rotterdam that they put mayonnaise on their chips…

Chips and a football game… well, a girl has to be spoiled.

Thankfully she did wax lyrical about the Middle Eastern meal I took her to when we returned to the Netherlands after a 29-year absence.

Raw deal: I skipped the meat the next night but look at that cheese

In De Pijp’s De Bazaar restaurant, a converted mosque http://www.hotelbazaar.nl.

A Tepsi Boregi vegetarian dish with baked non-leavened Yufka dough filled with fat cheese.

Served with salad, garlic and yogurt-flavour haydari dip, olives, walnuts and fresh mixed herbs and coriander and mint flavours.

I’m a bit more predictable and went for a fish dish.

But heck, I’ve done enough work here… you’ll need to read it for yourself https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/pictures-of-amsterdam/

And George and Amal’s hotel… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/the-dylan-by-george/.

Equally I should recommend here one of the best city cards http://www.iamsterdam.com.

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