Portuguese portcullises – Castelo de Almourol

Medieval castles are all wrapped up in our imagination with damsels in distress.

And ever the knight in shining armour I am always there to protect my lady’s honour.

We’re in Castelo de Almourol in the middle of the River Tagus in Portugal.

It is our wedding anniversary week.

And this is without doubt the most stunning setting for a castle that I have witnessed first hand. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/secret-portugal/.

And again, I have set eyes on and enjoyed the charms of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany.

But Mrs M was but a dream then, clicking away at her camera.

While I was drinking away her taxes on a Munich Beerfest trip.

Oblivious that her knight would come along one day in the guise of a bandana-wearing, hairy-arsed Scotsman.

And now for the history… not ours. You know too much already!

But this gorgeous castle.

When the Christians rolled up here in 1129, the castle existed as Almorolan.

You’ll see the mark of the Knights Templar all around this castle.

And the Knights I know well from visiting Malta. Here’s a wee reminder https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/malta-easer/

I’m the benchmark

Together with the castles of Tomar, Zêzere and Cardiga, it formed part of a defensive line of fortifications along the River Tagus.

And good defences they are too, Portugal’s border with Spain is the longest continuous line in Europe.

After the Knights Templar were disbanded and the need to defend the territory had passed, the castle lay abandoned.

And forgotten until the 19th century when restoration began, the evidence of which we see today

And if you want to know more about this jewel of Portugal then visit http://www.centerofportugal.com and avail of http://www.aerlingus.com and http://www.ryanair.com and http://www.flytap.com.

Next week: Another castle.


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