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Hungry and Thursday – Chinese Wu Year

It’s the biggest feast of the year (forget Christmas). It’s the Chinese Wu Year.

A Chinese New Year

When I get together with my friends at Wendy Wu ahead of Chinese New Year which this year is the Year of the Rat.

The Rat Pack

Now I’m not going to rat on these guys… how could I?

When they invite us to the event of the year… the Wendy Wu Chinese New Year at Chai Yo Teppanyaki in Dublin.

So let’s talk about Asia and in the best Asian traditions let’s not beat about the Dragon’s tail.

The length and breadth of the Great Wall is the distance between London and Dubai.

So the virus won’t catch you.

How long?

Which made my pancakes, crispy duck, ribs, satay chicken, spring rolls (burp) go down a lot better.

And because Asian travel, China, Japan, Vietnam et al, is as mich about the cuisine as the culture…

Japanese girls

While she also likes a bit of South America.

Who says he’s not real?

I’ll keep you updated with more Wendy Wu news but for now I just need to sleep off my Chinese…

But before I go here’s In Pursuit of Pandas, nine days from £2,190. Flights inclusive from the UK. All meals.

Tour ticklist:

Walk on the Great Wall

•Feast on Peking Duck

•Explore the Summer Palace

•Face the Terracotta Army

•Travel on a bullet train

•Watch giant pandas play.

And you know I love playing with pandas.

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