Happy Wu Year to the Chinese Ox

Xinnian kuale… and a Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends around the world with the promise that I mean to make more in the coming year.

I’m fortunate to count one of the best and most influential in the Travel Market, Wendy Wu, already as a friend.

The Wendy Wu New Year lunch in Dublin has become something of a fixture in my calendar.

Chinese chums

Andhad Travel not become ‘illegal’ in these parts (something not even Mao would have imposed) I’d have hotfooted it across from Edinburgh to Dublin to celebrate with my pals.

Pandamonium… that would be me on tour then

As it is we’ve had to meet up online as millions of Chinese have been too.

Those millions of Chinese we hope to meet too when The Son and Heir decamps there this year to teach English as a foreign language in Chong Cheng.

Wok this way

Wendy is infectious about China and Wendy Wu Tours is luring us in with their bargain deals with Classic China jumping out at us.

Wendy crew

Classic China is a 21-day group tour from £3,690pp

Of course, you’ll get to see all the old favourites, Beijing, The Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors but there’s a raft of other delights too.

It won’t be a raft though you’ll be cruising on…

Wendy Wu Tours does things in style and there are two river cruises, the one-day Li River Cruise and the three-day Yangtze River Cruise.

Shanghai ho silver away

Now, I’m reliably informed that The Son and Heir’s new province is the base for the Yangtze cruises.

While Shanghai will be his first port of call.

So he’ll be able to give us the heads-up so that we don’t get Shanghaid in Shanghai!

Dates in April, May, September and October with the April 24 date and the October 30 date are both reduced from £4,290pp.



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