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Hungry and Thursday – Wendy Wu Ar Ay!

And this torturous pun is to entice you into the latest from Wendy Wu for 2021 with, eh, Cornish scones, jam and clotted cream.

No me either, but I’ll never turn my nose up at what Wendy and the gang send, with their Chinese New Year lunch in Dublin the stuff of legend.

So before we savour what Wendy Wu Tours have to offer in Asia, which will be the go-to destination in 2021, let’s try and explain Cornish scones.

Because this is a thing, with the English West Country counties of Cornwall and Devon taking very different stances on how they spread jam and cream on a scone.

The cats that got the cream

Jam today: The Cornish way.

Cornwall: Our friends in England’s most westerly county where they even boast their own Cornish Celtic language swear by jam first and then cream.

Wham jam: And the way the Devonians like it.

Devon: The Devonians, in contrast, go the other way, cream on the bottom with a topping of cream.

Me, I don’t take cream, which meant more for the Scary One and Daddy’s Little Girl.

Twenty-Wendy One

A golden sun over Asia

But I digress, Wendy Wu Tours held a webinar today and showed again why they are the cream of the crop when it comes to Asian travel.

Wendy is all about the giving and to mark 26 years in business, which isn’t even a special milestone although still, kudos, she has this for us, her friends she invited here.

Free return flights on 26 of their best tours worldwide for 2021 and 2022 which will give you savings of £800.

And you must get one of those hats

Including Japan Uncovered, a 17-day Classic group tour, Angkpr to the Bay, a 17-day Vietnam tour from £2890pp, Wonders of China, a £2880pp 16-dayer.and Road to Samarkand, a 20 days Road to Samarkand tour of Central Asia which will cost you £4310pp.

Plenty to chew on with your Cornish scones and tea.

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