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Irish Holiday Snaps – Here comes King Billy Claus

And this Christmas will be glorious…. when King Billy comes trotting along on his charger.

Come again! I had a double take when I got news of the Christmas celebrations planned for the Boyne Valley in Ireland.

Which every schoolchild in the UK and Ireland knows is where William of Orange (King Billy) defeated King James VII of Scotland and James II of the UK (they’re the same person).

Every day’s a schoolday

Child’s play: And you’ll learn all about the famous battle

Every schoolchild, yes, but not every adult as one lass in my charge (I’ll call her Simone because that’s her name) thought that King James had won!

She tried to laugh it off by saying she didn’t pay much attention to history at school.

The Battle of the Boyne site is on your route up, or down, from Belfast to Dublin, just as it was back in 1690.

And it doesn’t matter which side of the religious divide you are on, we are all children of history after all.

Santa, stop here!

Love is a battlefield: The Boyne fields

Our friends in Discover Boyne Valley have been furnishing us with Santa’s movements but you’re as well to check out for yourself.

If he swaps his red robe for an orange one.

Once you get a taste for the Boyne Valley which is situated in Co. Meath, with Drogheda its main town, you’ll want more.

While also check out Ireland’s Ancient East, good friends, with stories as old as time.

Horsing around

And here’s one for all of you who like your military tourism. Guilty… Belfast’s rich tapestry.

The Irish Military War Museum and Family Fun Park will have Santa from December 15-22.

Visitors can make their way through the indoor ice tunnel and pick up some treats before making your way out to the Christmas village.

And meet the Man himself in his specially adapted Train Station Grotto.

Pods of between four to six will be created for reduced numbers.

You must have a family of four ticket (two adults, two children or three adults and one child) €60 + booking fee. Visit

Covid bubbles

Grand living: Loughcrew Estate

Williamites love a light display and so do Loughcrew Estate who will be illuminating their gardens and promising dress-ups too.

While Covid bubbles means Champagne here! Check out too their accommodation packages too.

Every day may be the 12th of July, but you might have to explain that one to Santa when he’s here.

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