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Hungry and Thursday – Caribbean Spice Gael

Five years it’s been sitting in the press and it’s followed me in a box across from Ireland to Scotland… my Bajan sauce.

And now as we muster all the supplies in the cupboards it‘s out.

And inspired by my old West Indian pal and Visit Barbados, Hungry and Thursday goes Bajan.

Now I’ve also got to give a shout-out to Ruby, my cooking teacher from Club Barbados on my Tropical Sky holiday

I’d got a taste for Barbados as a guest of the Barbados Tourist Board the previous year Let’s rumba in Barbados and was back here with Ruby for seconds My kiss with Rihanna.

Yes, as you can see, Ruby sure showed me the ropes… and her paddle!

For the rest I’ll pass you onto my friends at Club Barbados for this culinary and rummery guide.

Gone fishing

Coucou and flying fish: And this is what Ruby had me cooking in front of the class.

And you can check it all out on your Visit Barbados YouTube channel with its cooking tutorials.

While here is your Visit Barbados recipe book.

Shaking it up

You’ll be washing it down with rum punch too.

And, of course, it’s as easy as pie to make, but like everything to do it well then leave it to the experts.

Visit Barbados are also pushing mocktails too (yes, quite) and their Barbadian Pineapple Mocktail.

Again you’ll see it on the Visit Barbados YouTube channel.

And a shout-out to Tobago

Now that I had a taste for it I was desperate for more education.

And I certainly got that from Uncle Kenneth and Auntie Alison at the Blue Crab Restaurant in Tobago… Ready, steady GOAT… racing in Tobago.

Visit and

Irie… and Meet you on the Road.

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