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Hungry and Thursday – Caribbean Spice Gael

Five years it’s been sitting in the press and it’s followed me in a box across from Ireland to Scotland… my Bajan sauce.

And now as we muster all the supplies in the cupboards it‘s out.

And inspired by my old West Indian pal and Visit Barbados, Hungry and Thursday goes Bajan.

Now I’ve also got to give a shout-out to Ruby, my cooking teacher from Club Barbados on my Tropical Sky holiday

I’d got a taste for Barbados as a guest of the Barbados Tourist Board the previous year Let’s rumba in Barbados and was back here with Ruby for seconds My kiss with Rihanna.

Yes, as you can see, Ruby sure showed me the ropes… and her paddle!

For the rest I’ll pass you onto my friends at Club Barbados for this culinary and rummery guide.

Gone fishing

Coucou and flying fish: And this is what Ruby had me cooking in front of the class.

And you can check it all out on your Visit Barbados YouTube channel with its cooking tutorials.

While here is your Visit Barbados recipe book.

Shaking it up

You’ll be washing it down with rum punch too.

And, of course, it’s as easy as pie to make, but like everything to do it well then leave it to the experts.

Visit Barbados are also pushing mocktails too (yes, quite) and their Barbadian Pineapple Mocktail.

Again you’ll see it on the Visit Barbados YouTube channel.

And a shout-out to Tobago

Now that I had a taste for it I was desperate for more education.

And I certainly got that from Uncle Kenneth and Auntie Alison at the Blue Crab Restaurant in Tobago… Ready, steady GOAT… racing in Tobago.

Visit and

Irie… and Meet you on the Road.

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My Sporting Weekend – at the races

You should never beat the local pool champion in his local… and you should never beat your sister-in-law at the races in her home city of Toronto.

But I did one of them, in a close finish at the Toronto races

Racing abroad is always a thrill

Livepool lose

I’ve had mixed fortunes at the Aintree Grand National, losing in a photo-finish in my year working in Liverpool

But returning years later to stay with my brother and sister-in-law I used some local knowledge to get a 1-2.

And repay their hospitality with a slap-up meal.

Have a night out on the town in Liverpool

A foot in the Algarve

Myself and The Scary One, back when she was just Slightly Intimidating, holidayed in the Algarve

Where we met two brothers, one of whom was a racing nut.

Terry hit the jackpot at The Derby and took us all out for dinner.

I don’t think I’ve had as good a meal out in Portugal on any of the occasions I’ve been back and I’ve had some good ones… Secret Portugal.

Cheltenham week

All of which ramblings is because I’m prone to drift like an unbroken horse when I should be sticking to the subject matter… the Cheltenham Races.

Which are on from Tuesday to Friday…

When, of course, Ireland empties for rural Gloucestershire.

Now if, on a whim, you decide you want to go then you’ll struggle to get accommodation but whether you want to go out of season or for next year…

Plum draw in Barbados

And a paintathon too

Then here’s what you want to check out…

They have 25 festivals in all throughout the year including a Literary Festival, a Music Festival and a Paint Festival…

And I’m up for that having painted Barbados purple at Foreday Morning as part of Crop Over… Let’s rumba in Barbados and

Now maybe I’m doing myself down because I put Issy through her paces in Colorado a couple of years ago… The New Frontiersmen and

While if it’s goat racing you want then it has to be Tobago…



Holidos and don’ts – late nights

One of the best things about a holiday has always been later bedtimes and not having to get up for work or school.

Unless, of course, you’re Irish where 4.30am is the time to leave a party.

As it was explained to me after one Christmas party when I asked the next day why it was 4.30am?

And I was out of there by 11.30pm.

‘Too early,’ said my colleague.

‘So why not 5am?’

‘Oh, that’s just taking the piss.’

Late nights and through-the-morning benders raised their head when a reporter I sent away pulled such a stunt.

And let down the holiday providers by falling out with the hotel in the early hours and then going AWOL.

Now I’ll get back to you in a future post on my favourite people in the Travel business – holiday providers.

And my least favourite, entitled journalists who call Travel assignments ‘junkets’ and treat the holiday providers with disdain.

Now that’s not to say you can’t have fun.

On my first trip to Barbados my old University pal and proud West Indian Jevan took me out on Foreday Morning.

Which was after the planned itinerary.

It got messy, yes, a mud and paint Soca and rum party through the streets of Bridgetown.

And I got no sleep but I did meet up with my group the next day to go catamaranning. Let’s rumba in Barbados and My kiss with Rihanna.

And visit and

Treat your reps and hosts well, no treat them better – after all they’re babysitting you.

And they will allow you up late after your bedtime… if you behave yourself and are there the next day.