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Estonia I’m so in love with you

It’s not a holiday for me unless it involves a beautiful woman with her hands all over me… Estonia, I’m so in love with you.

It’s still a bit away (what do you mean, be patient?) but our Estonian friends have been keeping us chilled with their products.

All of which are unique to this mysterious and enchanting Baltic country.

Quiz whizz

The Estonians gave us a spot quiz to see if we had been listening during their webinar.

And since all knowledge is to be shared here are a few factoids we picked up from the Estonia on their wellness ways.

So which tree, Spruce or Birch, do the Estonians eat? And a clue here, its resin was the forerunner of chewing gum.

Hotting up

They love a sauna in these parts and beat their backs (no, honestly, try it) but do they choose a broom or beech whisk?

While here’s one the Irish will have a head start on?

What colour is bog water? Brownish or crystal clear/blue? And which shoes to wear… bog shoes or skis?

I could go on… and so can they.

Mine’s a beer

Tranquil Estonia

So, I got the run of myself and found out I knew next to nothing about Estonia.

I know beer is good for you from drinking it (obvs) but which wellness treatment do they employ ale in.

And yes for those who know the Czech Republic you’ll have it.


The Estonians also have something from nature for colds, an organic drink which is the elixir of youth…

And an old wives’ tale here, that if you soak your socks in their favourite drink then it will bring down your fever.

A shrine to wellness

There’s a meal in there

They boast too a natural shrine with magical properties that treats your eyes.

I’ll leave you too with the question: how many miles is their longest trek?

Needless to say, I’m not expecting any wellness package arriving at Chez Murty.

So, I’ll just have to get out to Estonia to find it all out for myself. Estonia, I’m so in love with you.



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