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Mother-in-law’s Death on the Nile

And the Further Adventures of Bandanaman took another unexpected turn with the Mother-in-law’s Death on the Nile.

After the Scary One sabotaged the car, and my trip to Dublin to hook up with my Travel pals from around the world at their fair…

I had to occupy myself in North Berwick instead.

Nile high

Hair-raising: Poirot

And that meant being frogmarched out to the cinema to see Kenneth Branagh’s remake of Death On The Nile.

So there I was being sandwiched between two Mummies in antiquarian Egypt.

It is after all where the Scary One had detailed me to take her all those years ago.

Holy Grandma Batman: Laurie & Angela

The thing was though that the invitation which came in for us was from my Travel pals to the gated resort of Sharm El Sheikh.

Would she go for that… well, what do you Sphinx?

G force

Yes toot and come in: The pharaoh

Egyptophiles come in two shapes, those who want to swim, dance and drink with people from their own country, in the sun.

Or those who channel their inner Tutankhamon in the Valley of the Kings.

Like all things Middle Eastern and cultural I always fall back on my go-to travel providers G Adventures.

Pyramids along the Nile

Carry on Cleo: Pharaoh play

G Adventures offer a single-country eight-day Best of Egypt tour from €799pp from Cairo.

Sample trad fare with a Nubian family in a local village.

Barter in bazaars in Aswan and Luxor.

Mega Middle East

Desert prat: The Bandanaman

And a 22-day Best of Egypt, Jordan and Israel package

And of course sail the Nile in a traditional felucca but watch out for a tight Belgian detective with waxy moustache.

Now if Egypt whets your appetite then you may want to attach on Jordan and Israel and G Adventures allow you to do that.

This tour will mean you can see the Great Pyramids of Giza too.

And overnight in Jordan in a Bedouin tent, learn how the Nabataeans told the time in Petra, and float in the Dead Sea (tick, tick, tick).

Mt Nebo, Jordan

Of course Jordan being the middle of the Middle East you can see out over the historic towns of Jerusalem and Nazareth in Israel.

Before closing it out in swish Tel Aviv before jetting off home.

And leave behind you Mother-in-law’s Death on the Nile.



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