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Twenty years of Shrek

Of course Happy Ever After can yield another and another and another in the movie fairytale world, particularly when it yields as many dollars as Shrek.

Shrek exploded onto our screens 20 years ago next month and it’s fair enough to say nothing was ever the same again.

More Shrek

And although we thought the release of Shrek Forever After, also called Shrek: The Final Chapter in 2010 would tie up the franchise why give up on the gift that keeps on giving?

They’re part of the audience.

And so we’ve had the spin-off Puss In Boots.

While Shrekkies were given a real treat when it was announced that there would be a Fifth Shrek film next year.

So where does Shrek live?

Shrek’s home

Well, when he’s not in his swamp, Universal Resort Orlando is where you’ll find him hanging out.

The dynamic duo

There are other action heroes who will leave you sickly green at Universal with their stomach-churning rides.

I’m talking you Hulk, my first corkscrew ride in Orlando with Attraction Tickets

Which makes you regret that omelette and stack of pancakes you took at breakfast.

He’ll be all right

No, Shrek 4-D is a tamer, more family fun interactive experience, but no less fun for all that.

Shrek’s ride

When we last left the layered one in Shrek Forever After he was grappling with fame in a Shrek lite theme park.

Before Rumpelstiltskin tricks him into giving it all up for just one day of his old life.

Big in Japan

Spoiler alert here.

But our favourite author extricates himself from his sticky moment and we caught up again in Universal Studios Hollywood on our superheroes’ get-together.

And both being of the Scottish variety, and both sharing some nasty habits we both got on like a swamp on fire.

Hear them roar

He’s invited me back so, of course, with a new film coming and Universal Resorts cranking up again for visitors.

With something new all the rime… I’m talking about you VelociCoaster me.

Shrek around the world

And because Shrek is beloved around the world and is big in Japan, our friends over there are enjoying him too.

Now for 2021 I’m thinking because it’s the Fifth Shrek we can have 5-D!

I’m on my way from misery to happiness ptoday, uhu-uhu-uhu-uhu!


Holiday Snaps – Skipping queues is an attraction

One of the things which we British pride ourselves on is our manners, a good example of which is our patience in queues.

We shouldn’t. Be mannerly yes, but queue, no. And we don’t need to.

When we have which in Ireland is

Yes, the old Attraction Tickets Direct which sells over one million tickets each year.

And in keeping with their ‘time is precious’ mantra, they’ve cut the time too.

In only asking us to type in 20 characters as opposed to the previous 22 characters.

Saving time on queues when you go to a theme park really is the difference between enjoying your holiday and enduring it.

You will save on the stress of squealing kids, and adults.

And ensure that you have more rides because you will be in the express queue.

Trust me, you’ll never go back to queuing again.

After you skip the lines to ride Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge in Anaheim as I did on my LA Story…

Read and

The unveiling of the new branding coincides with an expansion into selling hotel and ticket packages at Disneyland Paris.

The great eight

There are eight properties on sale, all the Disneyland Prissier properties plus the new Disney Nature Resorts – Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch and Les Villages Natures Paris.

Bookings are made as hotel and ticket packages and all come with Extra Magic Time and free on-site parking.

Two nights at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne with three-day hopper tickets costs from €1,009.

Based on two adults and two children (aged 3-11) sharing a Woody’s Roundup standard room (January 2020 pricing).

The tickets include three days unlimited admission to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

With the ability to hop between parks during the day.

To book, call free on http://(01) 6498558 or visit

And seeing I’ve got my theme park vibe on here are some thoughts on Orlando with some of my friends…. http://Why I love the Donald.