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Brittany plain sailing again

Tunnels have their places and I’m reminded of the German we met on my cruise around the fjords The call of the fjords and who was a tunnel engineer.

But I guess he was coming up for air.

Now what they gain on practicality and speed they lose on aesthetics and the Channel Tunnel has certainly taken a lot of the romance out of travelling from the UK to Europe.

But thankfully I’m not alone in being a ferry fan and ferry travel has survived and thrived the sneers of those who said the Channel Tunnel would kill off routes to France and further afield.

Dublin’s ferry city

And much of that has been down to the ease, comfort and family entertainment on board Brittany Ferries’ ships which I know first hand from being shown around their ships in dock in Dublin.

But big softie that I am though I sent another family from the office to Brittany.

To sample their cider, culinary delights, culture and beaches… and everyone who goes raves about St Malo.

Minolta DSC

Brittany have confirmed that five ships will carry passengers when services resume from next Monday, June 29 with a further three ships reopening to passengers in July.

The routes

Mont St Michel, Portsmouth-Caen: 8.30am, June 29, departing Caen.
Cap Finistere, Portsmouth-Santander: 0:30, June 29, departing Portsmouth.
Armorique, Plymouth-Roscoff: 15:00, June 29, departing Roscoff.

Voiture – Caravane

Pont-Aven, Portsmouth-Santander, Plymouth-Roscoff: 17.45, 30 June, departing Portsmouth.

Pont-Aven, Cork-Roscoff, Plymouth-Santander: 20.45, July 2, departing Plymouth; 20.30, July 3; 16:00, July 4, departing Cork; 9.45am, July 5, departing Roscoff; 16.45, July 5, departing Plymouth.

Kerry, Rosslare-Roscoff: 20:30, June 29, departing Rosslare.
Roscoff-Rosslare: 19:00, June 30, departing Roscoff.
Rosslare-Bilbao: 11am, July 1, departing Rosslare.
Bilbao-Rosslare: 18.45pm, July 2, departing Bilbao.

And there will be three more ships back later in July…

Normandie, Portsmouth-Caen: 23:00, July 12, departing Caen.
Bretagne, Portsmouth-St Malo: 10.30, July 17, departing St Malo.
Connemara, Portsmouth-Cherbourg (Thursday-Sunday): 9am, July 10, departing Portsmouth (or Cherbourg).
Portsmouth-Le Havre (Monday-Wednesday): 23.45, July 12, departing Portsmouth.

But they have had to pull the Etretat Portsmouth-Le Havre, Barfleur Poole-Cherbourg and the Normandie Express Portsmouth-Cherbourg routes for this summer.

You should check out their site for guidelines on new ferry travel above.

And here are some more thoughts on Brittany Ferries and Bilbao. Wow Bilbao wow with Brittany Ferries!

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Bilbao wow with Brittany Ferries

The Basques are a proud, independent people with a unique and unfathomable language, but I do know it’s Bilbao as in Bilbao wow!

Which you can have lots of fun with as a headline writer, and I have.

Basque life

Our friends at Brittany Ferries love the Basques too and have just launched their first Rosslare in Ireland to Bilbao ferry, called Kerry.

Sailings will be twice-weekly and will incorporate a weekly Ireland/France rotation.

The new Rosslare to Bilbao route will open for passenger bookings online in early March.

But customers can now book through the Brittany Ferries reservations team by phone on 021 427 7801.  Our Freight Reservations team can be contacted on +44 (0)330 159 5000.

So what can we tell you about Bilbao?

Well, it’s obviously got the Jeff Koons’ giant topiary dog ‘Puppy’ at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao bow-wow anyone?

But it is also a great culinary city and you’ll obviously get stuck into the pintxos in the Plaza Neuvs. Pintxos is their version of tapas.

I’d recommend the fried fish on oily bread.

While Getxo, by the sea, is just a 25-minute Metro ride from the city and it prides itself on its calamari. I’m sold!


And because I like Basque life so much, here’s Water way to go in Biarritz and The Lourdes prayer.

Because remember they’re a little bit in France, a little bit in Spain… but it’s all Basque region.