Eat my shorts… it’s Voldemort and Bart

How do you explain to US customs why you need to take a brick through? Just say it’s because you’re rebuilding Diagon Alley brick by brick. Our guide tells us that’s what a member of the Harry Potter film team did to ensure everything met with JK Rowling’s approval. The very same JK would visit […]

Disney’s castle and Germany

It’s the most magical place on earth… and it’s where the magic is supposed to happen. Neuschwanstein, or the Disney Castle. Hence the carved swans in the bed chambers. Not that Walt Disney and his wife had that in mind when they visited. Bavaria. Or maybe they did! Anyway, it’s Walt inspiration, the model for […]

My weekend with Marilyn

Goodbye Norma Jean! So, this is where Marilyn finally found her rest from the lascivious attentions of the manipulative men who hounded her to her death. Unisignposted and in an unassuming square at the back a Los Angeles office block lies the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, But who’s this lying next to her? Only […]