The writing is on the wall in Prague

Prague is pretty much the centre of Europe and it has been central to changes in Europe for centuries.

And again these proud people who have been occupied and reoccupied by invaders and hostile political forces on countless occasions have risen up against their rulers to claim back their country for themselves.

About 250,000 people gathered in Prague over the weekend to direct anger at prime minister Andrej Babiš, who has been labelled a threat to democracy.

In Communist times they gathered at the Lennon Wall where their graffiti sent out a message to the outside world that they are central to Europe and they should be central to our thoughts.

I visited the Czech Republic at the time of a special anniversary which celebrated a beloved king and father figure to all Czechs. Read it at https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/prague-springs/(opens in a new tab)


My regards to Broadway

Oh Carole: Beautiful in Washington DC

Apropos nothing really, but here’s a selection of piccies from the Broadway stars whom Universal Studios brought to the American Travel fair just for our lunch entertainment over the last couple of years.

In a really tangential way I got thinking musicals when flagging up Aer Lingus’s offers http://www.aerlingus.com… see Flyday Friday.

And then I got ahead of myself and promised you my review from a couple of years back of London’s Theatreland, the West End, which also kinda grew legs and got into English history and Brexit.

Thank goodness they sorted Brexit out, eh?

Visit https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/06/23/carole-king-youre-beautiful-londonwestend-musical/(opens in a new tab)

And because I’m a big luvvie… that selection of musical delights from past American Travel fairs.

Pure opera: The Phantom in Denver
Magic: It’s Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway in Anaheim
Therein lies a tail: The Lion King in Anaheim
And a little bit of everything: With Frozen thrown in too in Anaheim

My weekend with Marilyn

You’ll live for ever: Marilyn’s bench

Goodbye Norma Jean! So, this is where Marilyn finally found her rest from the lascivious attentions of the manipulative men who hounded her to her death.

Unisignposted and in an unassuming square at the back a Los Angeles office block lies the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery,

But who’s this lying next to her? Only Playboy owner Hugh Hefner who bought the drawer next door for $75,000… he was surely the last man she would have wanted to spend eternity with.

Marilyn and Hefner had history. It was Hefner who bought the nude pictures that she had posed for in her sallow youth before she became famous for just $500 and put them on his first cover of Playboy. She never got a dime.

Marilyn doesn’t deserve this company. She should be shining brightest in a galaxy of stars. And on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, she is.

The actress is one of 2,600 famous characters – human, animal and animated – immortalised on a mile and a half of sidewalk along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street.

Rest in peace: Her last resting place

Her hands and feet are outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with the imprints of a century of Hollywood celebrities. Hers are worn out from the millions who have wanted to touch a bit of her.

If you feel her presence on the stairs of the Dolby There where the Oscars are held then her spirit is playing on you as her only appearance was at the nearby Pantages Theatre. Still, we all pose for a diva’s shot in homage to her anyway.

Oscar time: At the Dolby Theatre

Marilyn seems to be everywhere I turn. I see her looking down, smiling from out of a window on Venice Beach, brightly dressed and warm as the sun. We lit our heads from our catch of the day in Larry’s diner off the boardwalk – in my case the lightest calamari – and smile back.

Jim Morrison is all swagger on the other wall.

Today’s Venice Beach has its own characters too: a rasta artist on rollerblades playing guitar, an old man who wheels his grand piano up the strand to tinkle the ivories and a randomLatino Conor McGregor who is punching and kicking the hell out of a punchbag in the square.

In Southern California, or SoCal, it’s all about the image, the ‘body beautiful’, and this is where Californian body builders come to work out, at the outdoor Muscle Beach Gym, once the home of Arnold Schwarzenegger and ‘The Hulk’ Lou Ferrigno.

There’s always a show on, even if it is only the tourists posing by a muscleman mannequin on the boardwalk. Guilty!

Who’s older: Jim and Dino

Up the road in Santa Monica the busy pier gives little clue that this is the beach used for Baywatch.

All these nuggets and more are at the fingertips of our driver Ross from Starline Tours, provided by our host Attraction Tickets Direct who tells us of a loose association with David Hasselhoff and a girl who was the Hoff’s prom date.

I would be more impressed if Ross had dated Sandy… well we do pass Rydell High.

And he shows u too the site of the party hotel, the Garden of Allah, where Joni Mitchell hung out and they ‘paved Paradise and put up a parking lot’.

A big greenie: With Shrek

You’ll find today’s Hollywood celebrities hanging out in West Hollywood celebrities hanging out in West Holywood, so where better to bunk down?

The La Peer Hotel, just a couple of blocks down from Beverly Hills, its cop shop and Rodeo Drive, is a Kimpton, a boutique hotel which is much more than that as befits West Hollywood, with its heated outdoor swimming pool as an extension of the bar.

And the comfiest suites which were welcome after our 11-hour flight, although it literally flew by on our pleasant Aer Lingus journey here.

The hotel’s restaurant Viale dei Romani serves up the best Italian food if you want to stay in-house, and I’d also recommend the wood-grilled octopus and its garden of warm potato salad, oil cured olives, preserved lemon and saffron aioli.

But there are not shortage of great restaurants to sample in West Hollywood where, best of all, you can also indulge in the favourite pastime of celeb -spotting.

And so we also visited Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump’s eponymous lounge and restaurant, Pump, where Lady Gaga made the news a few years back after falling outside on the sidewalk.

Lisa is there the night we dine on truffle mushroom chicken (well, you would wouldn’t you?) though there’s no sign of Gaga.

Perhaps the gay icon will be back the following week for Pride.

West Hollywood is already putting out the bunting for Pride when up to 200,000 will take to the streets, although in truth it is always in a state of readiness with its rainbow zebra crossings.

I’d recommend a night in one of the many friendly gay clubs, I even managed to walk rather than fall out, although a bulky cop reminded me that I couldn’t drink on the sidewalk.

There’s a shark out there: You’ll never get in the water again!

If you want to get closer to the stars, get on to the right tours and get on the sets of the TV shows and movies we all watch, our host Attraction Tickets Direct will help with pre-booking which will save precious time and money.

They will take you to Warner Studios where you can sit in the very same couch used in Central Perk in Friends or visit the Ellen set.

A day in Universal Studios Hollywood will immerse you in both movie history and the future.

Who’s king of the Castle: The Potter show

We take a coach through the sets of Pycho, Jaws, a Mexican town and through a tunnel where a scene from The Fast and the Furious is simulated all around us.

Great fun too at the Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest cinema show with vibrating seats and water mist effects, while fans of rollercoaster rides will love The Simpsons and Harry Potter rollercoasters.

I prefer to sit back and watch other take the heat, although I don’t expect to see a stuntwoman set on fire in the Special Effects Show.

All your favourite animated and sci-fi characters are here, all in great form and happy to pose up: Shrek, Scooby-Doo, the Transformers and a dinosaur, no, not me, but a ‘real’ T-Re which is trailing Jurassic World: The Ride.

Angelic: Amn’t I?

We all have our favourites but it is the Boy Wizard who always cast a spell on me.

Muggles, myself included, are beside themselves at the prospect of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure story coaster in the sister resort of Orlando.

Universal Hollywood’s Potter experience feels smaller than its Orlando World counterpart but it is still intimate and enchanting.

And its Dark Arts light how is a thundering good hope with a cascade of creepy crawlies climbing up to attack a crumbling Hogwarts Castle only for the forces of good to prevail, all against a heart-pounding musical score and moral message.

And that, it seems, is Hollywood and the LA story in a nutshell: an aspirational, illusory dream sequence where you can stand in the Hollywood Hills, hike up to the Griffiths Observatory and view the iconic letters, or take a watering job and hope to serve Steven Spielberg.

Or get your star on the Walk of Fame. It’s a a rollercoaster journey all right and you can’t ice how you’re next to, but I did spot four stars unfilled. and I’d reckon myself and my family would be deserving candidates.

Peerless: La Peer Hotel

*Jim Murty is Ireland’s Travel Editor of the Year and a multi award-winning Travel writer. See next week for part tow when he takes us to Disneyland and a galaxy far, far away.


Aer Lings, Ireland’s only four-star airline operates a daily service from Dublin direct to Los Angeles with fares starting from €259 each-way including taxes and charges when booked as a return trip. The service reduces to five times weekly during winter. Visit http://www.aerlingus.com.


La Peer Hotel is quintessentially West Hollywood with bright, funky finishings, spacious, comfortable bedrooms and fine food, a heated swimming pool and fitness centre. Doubles from about €315 per night. Visit http://www.lapeerhotel.com.


Deluxe Grand City Tour with Starline from €73pp. Hollywood Hills guided hike, a 2.5 hour gentle hike, offering mountain and city views and photo opps of the Hollywood signs. The tour ends at the Griffith Park Observatory (admission included). From €46pp. Starlight Dinner Cruise from Marina Del Rey’s. From €107pp (not including drinks). Universal Studios Hollywood one-day admission ticket form €96pp/Express Pass from €305pp. Visit http://www.attractionticketsdirect.ie or call (01) 649 8558; visit west hollywood.com. Visit http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com. Visit http://www.california.com, http://www.westhollywood.com.

A version of this article was first published in the Irish Daily Mail in June 2019.


Flyday Friday

It’s the final straw. Well done Emirates for introducing eco-friendly paper straws this month. And binning plastic swizzle sticks and stirrers and replacing them with eco-friendly alternatives.

And from August plastic bags used for Inflight Retail purchases are to be replaced with paper bags.

It reckons it will be able to remove an estimated 81.7 million single-used plastic items from landfill each year.

And that’s not all! It has introduced onboard blankets made from 28 recycled bottles, saving 88 million plastic bottles from landfill by the end of 2019.

The airline is also segregating large plastic bottles on board to be recycled in Dubai and the rest of the world. This diverts an estimated 3 tonnes or about 150,000 plastic bottles from landfill in Dubai each month.

Emirates operates two flights from Dublin each day to Dubai and from there connects passengers to more than 150 destinations. Visit http://www.emirates.ie. And why not visit http://www.emiratesholidays.ie for some great suggestions too.

London calling

The time is right: Photo by Pixabay

There are some things on our doorstep which we just take for granted… and obviously just shouldn’t.

One such is London.

London is one of the great cities of the world and so familiar yet so new… no matter how many times you visit you will always find something you either never knew was there or you just hadn’t got round to yet.

For me one of the great joys of London is Theatreland. It’s Beautiful! Cue for me to dig out my weekend there when I caught the dazzling and fun-filled Beautiful: The Carole King Story a couple of years back. Bear with me and I’ll post it soon.

For now Aer Lingus flies Dublin to London City from €47.99, one way including taxes and charges, to Gatwick €29.99 and to Heathrow €45.99. Cork to Heathrow is from €45.99, Shannon to Heathrow €45.99 and Knock to Gatwick €32.99. See http://www.aerlingus.com. And visit my review of London’s West End and a musical that made the earth move…. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/06/23/carole-king-youre-beautiful-londonwestend-musical/(opens in a new tab)

Shout of Africa

Congratulations to Ethiopian Airlines which has just been named the Best Airline in Africa for the third year running at the Skytrax 2019 World Airlines Awards in Paris.

Ethiopian also won Best Business Class in Africa and Best Economy Class in Africa at the awards. Ethiopian has 120 destinations worldwide. For best rates visit http://www.ethiopianairlines.com.

I missed out on the pleasures of flying out with Ethiopian this year to Addis Ababa, preferring to send a female colleague instead…. well, it was World Women’s Day… they were going to ‘meet’ Lucy, the world’s ‘oldest’ woman.

And it is a pleasure I will certainly be keen to enjoy in the future. The Ethiopians are a wonderful friendly people and have the secret of good ageing… as shown by Lucy.

But also because everyone there is seven years younger on account of them using a different calendar as they explained the first Enkutatash I celebrated with them at Dublin Airport… and such was the hospitality of Ethiopian;s Country Manager for Ireland, Meseret Tekalign and her team, and food I went back for seconds this year.

Me and Meseret: I’d look good in gold

Flyin’ air

Now I’ve been a customer of Mr O’Leary in the last week and intend to be again next weekend. It is an acquired taste but there is no denying that he has added to the gaiety of the nation and that his fares are darned reasonable.

Just back from Lourdes, and I will tell you about it in the coming weeks, and at just two hours it isn’t far to go for a miracle.

Ryanair is offering Lourdes at €22.98 one-way among a tranche of other great offers.

And this will leave you lots of spare change to buy those holy trinkets, candles, holy water and Virgin Mary statues because if my Dear Old Mum is anything to go by you can never have too much holy stuff around the house to bring you luck.



Sign me up for the end of the world

And if you look closely I’ve started growing the beard

A Galician piper belts out a Celtic tune by the lighthouse of Finisterre, the westernmost point of their world.

A sign with the Camino shell marks 0.00km.

Many pilgrims continue by foot from Santiago to Finisterre.

Wendy and I, or Waspwoman as you will know her from our Camino adventures when I accidentally swotted a wasp in her direction and it stung her foot, take a three-hour coach ride from Santiago (€26 return) on our last day, Wednesday.

Any trip to the Edge of the World should not be rushed, there is much to see, from quiet cove to golden beaches and coastal villages with azure and terracotta-washed cottages.

As I look out on the horizon from atop the cliff on this clearest of clear days I can see why my Celtic predecessors refused to countenance that there would be anything beyond or above this.

Visit CaminoWays.com http://www.caminoways.com. And Aer Lingus http://www.aerlingus.com.

And before I got there there was only 111kms from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. Relive it with me in my review A pilgrim’s prayer… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/camino-a-pilgrims-prayer/(opens in a new tab)



Purple reigns, purple reigns… in Minneapolis, Barbados, LA. Everywhere.

You heard it here first… the twin cities are THE American cities to go to this year.

You can rock to Prince at his Paisley Park home just as I did with Di-Di, above, at Barbados Crop Over, visit great shopping malls, eat at top restaurants with delicious craft beer and go out into the Great Outdoors and enjoy more wonderful Park life.

I also partied with Natasha Bedingfield who gave a stirring version of Purple Rain to us in LA at the American Travel fair IPW. She picked me out in the crowd and stroked her chin in reference to my purple beard and we wound down afterwards at the after-party.

Icelandair flies to Minneapolis for €185, one-way based on a return fare and travel 26 August 2019 – 24 March 2020. And that includes a stopover in Reykjavik. Visit http://www.icelandair.com. http://www.minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Icelandair also has:

New York                €158*

Boston                      €193*

Chicago                    €198*

Seattle                      €210*

Vancouver               €210*

Book by midnight, Sunday 16th June 2019 23:59pm.

The Wonder of You…

… And you

She is my wonder of the world… and her above too. In fact The Wonder of You was our First Dance music at our wedding reception 25 years ago.

Petra, of course, is another wonder of the world, one of the Modern Wonders of the World and it is everything that they say as I found out on my recent G Adventures trip http://www.gadventures.com. And http://www.visitjordan.com.

Our friends at Ryanair have compiled a Seven Wonders of the World guide for us. I’d recommend my Jordan musings which I will compile for multiple media outlets soon and also in this blog over the coming weeks.

The other Wonders you’ll be wanting to tick off on your way… you can go by camel if you want too… are the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, the Colosseum, Rome (tick), the Dead Sea (tick, tick), La Sagrada Familia Barcelona (tick, tick, tick), Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia (they’ve been onto me) and Lagoa do Fogo, the Azores (big fan of Portugal).

And yes, they all give me ‘strength to carry on.’

See http://www.ryanair.com for its guide, and also for other top deals.

A million love songs

Wheely great: Laura and Graham

Congratulations Laura McGrory and Graham Woods who won an upgrade to Business Class and two complimentary Aer Lingus flights from North America to a European City of their choice with Aer Lingus.

And what did they have to do? Only be the 1 millionth transatlantic guest to fly with the national airline carrier this year. The recently married couple from Dunleer in Co. Louth made the milestone trip travelling from Dublin to Seattle.

All of which begs the question. 1 millionth means one person. Ah, true love when two becomes one.

Enough song titles already?


Daddy’s Little Girl is just back from Amsterdam and absolutely loved it… it is one of my favourite short-hop city breaks too.

Sassy and classy, it has the perfect mix of high and low culture.

The food and drink are also great and I’m always won over by idiosyncratic ways of serving booze, with the Dutch custom of skimming the heads of beer with plastic knives always a winner. And mayo on chips? You should try it.

Aer Lingus likes a list too… as do I, unless of course it’s a shopping list.

Its top ten picks starts with Amsterdam, I guess it always will, and also picks out Barcelona, Birmingham, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, Milan, Madrid, Manchester and Vienna.

See for yourself on http://www.aerlingus.com but it’s billing its autumn getaway as ‘fly from €25.99’. And here’s my recommendation https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/pictures-of-amsterdam/(opens in a new tab). https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/the-dylan-by-george/(opens in a new tab)

Fares are one-way including taxes and charges. Valid for travel from August 1 until September 30. Book by June 17.

Must fly, I’ve got to book.




Bali who?

Anne would ask me every week if a Bali trip had come across my desk and every week I’d tell her that if it did then I’d go to her first.

Her eyes danced the day I gave her the news. It’s an aural thing but bear with me. ‘I’ve got Ballet for you.’

I didn’t leave her hanging though and immediately told her that it was the Leeds Ballet, and good they are too but not what she was looking for.

She didn’t deserve that but I’m glad to say that I had got her away skiing and since then to Normandy.

Tropical Sky can ensure that you WILL get to Bali, and at a great discount price too.

Stay seven nights B&B at the five-star Laguna Resort & Spa for travel completed before December 24, if booked before June 30 from €1,349pp, a saving of up to €440pp. Includes return flights from Dublin and transfers.

So what’ll you get for your money? Well, you’ll be on the Nusa Dualists peninsula with lush lagoons and soaring palms.

And for facilities you’ll get tennis, fitness centre, sauna/steam room, hairdresser, Atisaya spa and a choice of water sports.

Visit http://www.tropicalsky.ie/(01) 664 9999.

Bowled over by the Maldives

Anyone watching the Cricket World Cup, and hoping that Ireland puts one over on the home of the game, England, again?

I adopted the Sri Lankan cricket team after the staff invited me to join their match in the Maldives a couple of years ago.

No Kuma Sangarkkara me, but I did score a couple of runs before getting my teammate run out and tearing my leg open diving into the crease. It was an astroturf pitch you see.

Whether you want to be throwing yourself around a cricket pitch in the baking sun (unlikely) or just lying back and relaxing (you deserve it) then Hayes & Jarvis will set you up with the bespoke trip just for you. Because remember there is just ONE you!

And by checking out Hayes & Jarvis’ latest destination deals you could save yourself up to 40%.

H&J has Atmosphere Kanifushi, Maldivesfrom €3,799pp, based on December, departure from Dublin, staying for seven nights all-inclusive in a Sunset Beach Villa (two adults sharing) and including return airplane seaplane transfers (and believe me that’s one experience you’ll really treasure).

Call (01) 513 4329 or visit http://www.hayesandjarvis.ie. Or call into their office at 16 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

Piping hot

There are some things that a child should never see their Dad doing…. dancing at a wedding, doing Karaoke, smoking a shisha pipe.

Come again?

Talk Turkey (as I often do) and the Son and Heir will bring up his terror at seeing his Dad (and inspiration!!!!) smoking that dangly pipe in Bodrum when he was just seven years of age.

Like so many things we all do on holiday and regret it’s best left to the locals.

On my recent visit to Jordan I spent a relaxing half hour at the end of an exhausting but fulfilling day sipping my Turkish tea and watching two guys playing chess, smoking the shisha and blowing smoke in each others’ faces, though they didn’t seem to mind.

It’s what they do and I’d advise anyone to spend a little time just people watching in a Turkish or Middle Eastern cafe… it’s what they do.

Just down the road from Bodrum, and TUI are spotlighting Dalaman with its beautiful historic sites, stunning Blue Flag beaches and a lively nightlife scene. TUI has seven nights’ self-catering on June 10 at the 3-star Club Even from €389pps. Visit http://www.tuiholidays.ie or call 1850 45 35 45.

Paris for families

The very same Son and Heir had me climbing the walls in Paris when he kept insisting on stopping to refuel on food (or was that Rome or New York, but you get the point?)

France is perfect for families but Paris is probably best kept for courting couples. Or is it?

Les Villages Nature Paris is the ideal way to do Paris for families… by staying outside and travelling in.

And new to Les Villages Nature Paris is the indoor Climbing Paradise which boasts modern interactive technology. Personally, I prefer the modern interactive technology of a phone videoing someone else doing it, but, hey, climbers all look to be having great fun.

A seven-night stay at Les Villages Nature Paris in a Clan Comfort Cottage, arriving July 6 is priced from £418.50 (£1,674 total reduced from £2,242, saving 25%) based on four people sharing on a self-catering basis. And remember when you do your currency conversion that this Brexit palaver means our Euro does well against the Pound.

Visit http://www.lesvillagesnatureparis.co.uk.

Everything in the garden’s rosy

Hello blossom! I love gardening. I could sit and watch the Indomitable Mrs M prune and weed all day.

One of the charms of a staycation in the country is the joy of opening the curtains and seeing the explosion of colour before you before taking a walk in lush gardens.

The River Lee Cork has a stunning River Club and new Blossom Grove Terrace installation in partnership with Lillet and Brown Thomas to show off and is backing it up with a great offer.

BTs, you say? Yes, there’s a €25 voucher included in the Brunch, Bubbles and Blooms package.

Brunch, Bubblers and Blooms at The River Lee is based on two people sharing and includes overnight accommodation, bubbles on arrival, brunch with complimentary Lillet cocktail and that BTs voucher.

Call (021) 493 7772 our visit http://www.thedoylecollection.com/es/hotels/the-river-lee-hotel/packages/brunch-bubbles-and-blooms.

Letter from America

As you know, all things being equal, I should be in West Hollywood and on my way to meet up with my old pals Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy at Disneyland.

And I will of course keep you posted when I get back on Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars attraction and all that Universal Studios has to offer.

Until I get back though a quick reminder that Aer Lingus flies to LAX from €208.99 each way as part of a return trip. Four flights per week. Average flying time 11 hours.

And our national airline carrier is also offering €40 off return flights to our hottest summer destinations too and €20 off return flights to all our European routes. Visit http://www.aerlingus.com.


And look out to for a great new series when I return United Stays of America.