Sign me up for the end of the world

And if you look closely I’ve started growing the beard

A Galician piper belts out a Celtic tune by the lighthouse of Finisterre, the westernmost point of their world.

A sign with the Camino shell marks 0.00km.

Many pilgrims continue by foot from Santiago to Finisterre.

Wendy and I, or Waspwoman as you will know her from our Camino adventures when I accidentally swotted a wasp in her direction and it stung her foot, take a three-hour coach ride from Santiago (€26 return) on our last day, Wednesday.

Any trip to the Edge of the World should not be rushed, there is much to see, from quiet cove to golden beaches and coastal villages with azure and terracotta-washed cottages.

As I look out on the horizon from atop the cliff on this clearest of clear days I can see why my Celtic predecessors refused to countenance that there would be anything beyond or above this.

Visit And Aer Lingus

And before I got there there was only 111kms from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. Relive it with me in my review A pilgrim’s prayer… in a new tab)

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