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The world’s most popular cocktails

It’s my type of road test… the world’s most popular cocktails.

And I admit that I have made and slayed most in this latest survey by botanical brewery Fentimans.

During my lazy Saturdays in Ireland which I turned into a Jocktails treat for The Scary One.

Best bar none

Pour some on me: The Son and Heir

The baton has since been passed on to the Son and Heir.

And he went on to sate the thirsts of many a Dub, Belfaster and Liverpudlian.

Kissimmee cocktail: In lockdown

While The Scary One has also learned well as evidenced from her twist on Sex on the Beach for last night’s House of Gucci film night.

Right, on to the survey and you’d think it would be tastings but that would be too simple.

Insta gratification

The family that drinks together: Plays together

Fentimans has drawn in every social network gizmo to back up their findings.

They created a global index by analysing 36 different cocktails from around the globe on a number of different metrics.

They looked at the number of hashtags associated with each cocktail on both Instagram and TikTok.

One I prepared earlier: With Little Miss Cocktail

As well as global Google Search Data to discover monthly search volume.

Finally, Fentimans used a Twitter sentiment analysis tool to understand more about the positivity rating of each.

Google Trends has also been used to determine the top ten most popular in every country around the world.

Me? I just drink them.

The top ten

Poolside: With a Strawberry Daiquiri

So, here’s the challenge, here’s the top ten alas without my fave Strawberry Daiquiri so get drinkin’…

Pornstar Martini
Aperol Spritz
Old Fashioned
Pina Colada

I’ve a story on each and every one and if you want to throw them all in together you get a Long Island Iced Tea.

A sangria per favor: In Barcelona

And that almost did for The Scary One who on drinking one of mine said she couldn’t see the TV.

Yes, my cocktail memories range from cooling down on the hottest day of the year in Barcelona with Sangria.

Muddling limes during the Brazil World Cup for their favourite Caipirinhas.

Putting on the Spritz

Next one’s an Aperol Spritz: In Val D’Isere

Getting in ahead of the curve with Aperol Spritzs in Venice.

And it’s a drink I’ve stayed with and I highly recommended it for apres ski on the slopes of Val D’Isere.

It is after all one of the world’s most popular cocktails after all.


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The Swissglais verb to ski is Verbier

OK I’ve made that up that the Swissglais verb to ski is Verbier but it is only to give the resort the prominence it deserves.

Verbier is celebrating and not just because at last we’re getting a ski season (my delayed start on the run will start in March, Dieu s’il vous plait).

The Swiss village in the Valais Canton,  the gateway to the 4 Vallées region, has been named World’s Best Ski Resort 2021 at the World Ski Awards.

It was a double celebration for the village with W Verbier collecting World’s Best Ski Hotel.

Chalet, allez, allez, allez

Chalet Zermatt Peak, sitting in the shadow of the Matterhorn, claimed World’s Best Ski Chalet.

Whilst Austria’s exquisite Aurelio Lech won World’s Best Ski Boutique Hotel.

Now proper skiers (moi? aspiring) will tell you rightly about the world beyond Switzerland and the Alps

And that is recognised in the awards.

With the latest arrival on Japan’s luxury ski hospitality scene, The Vale Rusutsu, taking World’s Best New Ski Hotel.

Dubai high

Ski Dubai, served by our old friends Attraction Tickets, boasts an impressive array of snow-based activities.

And that’s why it picked up World’s Best Indoor Ski Resort.

Meanwhile the understated opulence of Chalet Face à Face in Val d’Isère, was acknowledged.

With the newcomer accolade for World’s Best New Ski Chalet.

Murphski and I

Now if only I had a chalet trip to Val D’Isere set up for March.

And better still I only have an old friend and champion skier there with me.

The multi award-winning Catherine ‘Murphski’ Murphy on the party to pick me up when I’m down.

And I mean that quite literally.


Bravo to all the winners and as they say in these quarters, a word from the sponsors.

Sion Rapson, Managing Director, World Ski Awards, said: ‘Our winners represent the very best of the global ski tourism sector and my congratulations to each of them.

‘The 9th annual World Ski Awards programme received a record number of votes from ski consumers across the world.

‘This shows that the appetite for ski tourism has never been stronger and bodes well as the global recovery gathers momentum.’

If I’d been there, of course, I’d have fed Sion the line The Swissglais verb to ski is Verbier.