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Portland – Let er buck

Scholastica sounds a pretty severe name for a woman and, as it happened, she was an English teacher… from Portland, Oregon.

But Scholastica, my Dad’s Sixtysomething second cousin, and this 14-year-old Scot had something in common… Tolkein.

I don’t know for sure that JRR didn’t visit Oregon but he would surely have been impressed by their Giant Redwood Trees.

Cool: Portland

Tolkein, for all you who don’t know, had walking, talking trees.

Portland and Oregon is known also as where all the Hippies from Haight Ashbury left for.

And so, yes, they probably see marching trees too.

Me? I stick to their very good whiskey which I was introduced to at the American Travel Fair.

Whiskey pals

‘Here’s a stetson hat, a whiskey, now you clink glasses and say ‘let er buck.’

All which stuff and nonsense I took to the table at the Woollen Mills in Dublin when the good people of Portland popped into town.

Queen of Portland Laura and Portland Bandanaman

Now, you’ve probably latched onto the fact that this iteration of me is Bandanaman.

And God help you, those who knew me when I wore a raccoon hat in my head, called ‘Lola’.

The whiskey and bon homie was flowing again last night.

And, of course, all talk centred around the North-West Coast state.

Flying high

Now, this was always going to be Westward whiskey, the pride and joy of Portland.

Stick it on me ead

Portland is unique in many ways, not least for boasting the world’s first-ever distillery-focused tasting room at the airport.

Fly me there… and Icelandair will through Reykjavik where you can also have a stop-off.

While British Airways flies there from London and Delta from Dublin through Amsterdam

And Aer Lingus flies to Seattle which is approximately three hours drive to Portland.

The Portland hat

Portland also boasts the world’s largest bookstore Powell’s

Which must have room for the blockbuster that is gathering dust in my drawer.

And you know what’s holding me back? Lazy nights drinking whiskey.

I’m made for Portland. Let er buck as they say over there.

I’m working my way up the west coast from LA California, the Golden Globes State and am hoping to see San Fransisco in May.

So Portland is getting closer.


Holiday Snaps – Carnegie’s Pittsburgh

The next time you visit your library you might bump into Andrew Carnegie.

Andrew Carnegie? Doesn’t he have something to do with music and the Carnegie Hall in New York.?

Yes, but the great industrialist and entrepreneur helped fund more than 2,500 libraries in his time too.

And his name may well be inscribed on the outside of your library.

Easy living: Pittsburgh

Carnegie was though more associated with Pittsburgh than New York.

Just call me Mr Carnegie

Carnegie centenary

If we’re quibbling (and I love an our’ quibble) then he’s really a son of Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland who emigrated to the US.

Carnegie died 100 years ago so it’s timely to flag up Pittsburgh…

After all his Carnegie Institute, or Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, are one of the big reasons to visit Steel City.

The Carnegie Museum of Art… you make up your own mind

The Carnegie Museum of Art puts an emphasis on contemporary art. Carnegie instructing them to collect the ‘old masters of tomorrorow’.

Admission is £16.50 for an adult and £10 for a child.

Enraptured: At the Museum of Natural History

The most famous inhabitant of Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one Dippy the Dinosaur.

Dippy is the nearly complete fossil skeleton of the Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur.

He was discovered in 1899 by a team of scientists, an excavation funded by Carnegie. 

General admission is £16.50 for an adult and £10 for a child.

The Carnegie Science Centre is true to the Scot’s vision for future generations, dedicated to nurturing innovators and leaders like himself

General admission is £16.50 for an adult and £10 for a child.

Wow Mao: Andy Warhol Mao

The Andy Warhol Museum will celebrate its official 25th anniversary 19-20 October 2019, coinciding with the launch of the Andy Warhol: Revelation exhibition.

And if you’re in the vicinity of Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland I’m sure he’ll look down on you kindly if you visit his birthplace

How to get there

I found a round trip Dublin-Pittsburgh through Boston from£301 (€340) with Delta Airlines

And Pittsburgh is also served by British Airways through London

BA has a sale on that ends on September 24. I found return flights from £348 for any month between October-March.

Also check out,

And Philly too

Whisper it but here’s an oul’ review from the city up the road Philadelphia

And from now on your Holiday Snaps will get even snappier with regular snap dates through the weekend.