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My Sporting Weekend – German football leads way

With German football clubs now back practising with three and four-man non-contact drills when will the rest of us follow suit?

And in Scotland’s case begin training for the first time – anyone who follows the national team has long suspected our players have never met.

It will come as little surprise to football fans that it is the efficient Germans who are leading the way in getting back to work.

Munich is a magnet… a fridge magnet

But while their teams may play as machines German football fans are anything but automatons.

Happy as Lars when they’re winning and celebrating in the Hofbrauhaus.

Only here for de beer

But a word of warning don’t get between two women football fans when they’re quarrelling.

As one Scottish White Knight did one Oktoberfest in Munich.

As he gallantly trued to settle a quarrel between a Bayern and Nuremberg fan.

And ended up with a bloodied nose and out on my backside.

My nose still tilts to this day but it has not altered my love for Munich and my Hofbrau mishap has at least given me a story to dine out on.

And was a lot more eventful than the actual match which I think Bayern won 1-0 through a penalty.

Red alert: Bayern Munich

Watching the local sports teams is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting.

And pass through Munich Airport as I did a couple of times last year and spent more time than I needed.

German adventures

I don’t know if Oktoberfest will be on this September (yes it starts at the end of that month) but check out the site.

And I’m happy to share other adventures in Germany…. Dresden’s renaissance, Hamburgers and ships and Why German trains always run on time.

And also see

Maybe though mug up about your football rivalries first and that Nuremberg and Bayern don’t get on.

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