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Frankenstein Day and a Swiss Miss

For the day that’s in it I’m scaring up a tale to do justice to Frankenstein Day and a Swiss Miss.

Or maybe not a Swiss Miss, more a very English lady.

Grand Swiss Miss: The ageless Brigitte

But one who made her mark on popular culture when penning Frankenstein in Geneva, Switzerland in 1816.

Mary emerged from her writer husband Percy Bysshe’s shadow.

With one of the greatest gothic horror histories of all.

Rainy day in Geneva

Will this rain never stop?

And all to fill a rainy day in the Swiss city.

When the television was obviously on the blink and they wrote ghostie stories.

It’s lost to the mists of time what Perce and Lord Byron, who were also there, wrote but Mary created a monster of a book and franchise.

The stunning backdrop of Geneva and indeed Switzerland is ideal to get the imagination going.

Chill: You can make your own Monster out of Lego

And it inspired Byron when he was exiled from polite society because he was ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’.

This being a family site we won’t go into why, only to say you can take sibling affection too far.

Laud Byron

Dr Frankenstein: Gene Wilder’s masterly portrayal

I followed old Byron out to Interlaken.

And the Eiger and dined where the great poet stayed.

Being a man of letters, I too came back inspired by the scenery, the mountains and the Swhiskey.

Heidi hi

Holy Cow: It’s beautiful

Another actual Swiss Miss, Heidi, ran around the mountains with goatherd Peter in the iconic Swiss book of them all.

And maybe it’s all that fresh air but you’ll find too that whatever their age the Swiss Misses can glide over those mountains at valley.

As I found when superannuated superhero Brigitte left me for dust on our hike through the Alps.

And all the time yodelling as she went.

So so for the day that’s in it, and all days, here’s to Frankenstein Day and a Swiss Miss.


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