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The Year of the Tiger

Ya dancer… today is the Year of the Tiger.

If you’re a tiger you’re a thrill-seeker, crave attention and are short-tempered but kind.

Shere genius: Shere Khan

Although you wouldn’t be saying that if you’d had your carcass ripped apart.

But we’ve seen both faces of the tiger from our childhood films, as hippoty-hoppity Tigger or cunning Shere Khan.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Jungle Book by hopping on board any of a number of travel providers to that other powerhouse of tigers, India.

Yes you Khan

A palace for my love: The Taj Mahal

Exodus Travels gives you a 17 days India Tigers Safari from £3,499 including flights.

Where your tiger of choice is of course the Bengal Tiger (and don’t let Shere Khan put you off).

Our old friends at Hayes & Jarvis have a 15-days £4,099pp guide price for their trip around India.

And you’ll obviously get to enjoy the charms of the great cities of Delhi and Mumbai and the Taj Mahal.

They came from Africa

Pussycat, pussycat: Panthers in South Africa

Now we’re not sure why tigers moved from Africa to Asia around 2 million years ago.

But if you’ve been out on a drive and stood in awe at its kin, the panthers and lions, you’ll want to get out to Asia to see the tiger.

Now what of tiger watching in China… well, for everything in the Far East we defer to the expert Wendy Wu.

The Year of the Wu

Wendy and our buddies are holding a week of virtual events all week so we’ll know even more about tigers by Fiday.

And what to do when you’re faced with a tiger (and not one of those paper tigers).

Well our Chinese friends tell us to wear red socks and underwear although by that stage I’d suggest the nearest tree is the answer.

Happy Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger.

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