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Rainy days and songdays – stop and stare in Denver

Because they cannot lock down our memories… the songs that transport us back to a favourite place in time.

All the greats have played here, The Beatles, The Boss, U2 and… Denver’s own, OneRepublic

Listen to how Ryan Tedder feels about the venue which is hewn from rock and has a disc-shaped large tiled surface behind the stage.

Rock it

And that’s what gives it its unrivalled acoustics.

Standing 6,450ft above sea level, you and the 9,525 other revellers will already be feeling light-headed before you get into your hot dogs and beer.

And a bit of advice from the locals… because of the thin air you’ll only need half as much booze to get merry.

Take it as red

With the brilliant pink red hue highlighted by the lighting on the stage then it’s a light show you’ll never forger.

Of course this being Red Rocks they make sure that you’re very much included in the experience.

And so when we went we were given hand bands that light up in the dark.

You can learn all about the history of Red Rocks which was bought by the City of Denver in 1927.

And turned into an amphitheatre in 1936 and opened in 1941.

Learn how Nature itself, John Brisben Walker and the Ute tribe shaped Red Rocks over 200 million years.

Of course the Rolling Stones have been around just as long but strangely they’ve never played there.

Crossroads: Denver Union Station

The legends

Ray Charles wowed the crowds in 1962, two years before The Beatles.

While John Denver’s performance in 1970 and The Beach Boys in 1979 were other highs.

While though it took Bob Dylan until 2011 to play Red Rocks bis name among all the other legends is writ large in Red Rocks.

Red Jocks: Bandanam and fellow Jock Neil

As is your very own Bandanaman.

And get there in the afternoon to see local bands rehearse and Coloradans practise their yoga.

Cowboy Jimmy

Tell me your favourite venues.

Check out Denver Go West and And

And for a glimpse into how Ryan and OneRepublic rick it like no other Get your Rocks off.

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